In a Down Spell

Howdy there and Happy Monday!Β Luke and I went to the ranch, and I’d love to say that we had a blast, but that was not the case. Y’all – I was SUPER depressed the entire time, no rhyme or reason at all. I had one good evening, but then I basically laid on the couch covered in a blanket and in bed crying the entire time. Luke had a good time though – he got to shoot some prairie dogs and sight in his guns, so all was not lost due to my depression.

Here are some pics from the ranch – I didn’t feel like taking too many pictures due to my depression, but I did snap a few good ones.

We ate burgers and fresh french fries (my Dad keeps a deep fryer out there, so it’s always a treat) at the ranch, and it was mighty tasty! I allowed myself a “cheat day” because, hey, I was on vacation. I also grilled some veggies for lunch the next day, and man oh man, they were GOOD. I wish we could keep a grill in the apartment, but we have no outdoor space, boo!

This morning I woke up and simply wasn’t hungry. I had a cup of coffee and decided to hit the gym!

I did the elliptical for 45 minutes despite my phone suddenly having a low battery and my headphones only wanting to play in one ear – time for a new set! I have a plan to start doing some cardio each day, even if it’s just 30 minutes. I need to keep my mood as stable as possible, so I’m changing my point of view on exercise and want to do it as often as I can for the mood benefits – I’m thinking of it as part of my therapy, and I need to not skimp on it.

I had breakfast for lunch today as we need to hit the store later – I scrambled two farm fresh eggs that my Dad gave us with S+P, cooked up a slice of bacon, and added a baby avocado on the side. I added a dash of salsa after I took the picture. πŸ˜‰

Luke and IΒ went back to the gym in the afternoon and lifted weights. I lifted heavier than usual and really got a buzz!

My shirt today signifies my attitude – NOPE towards negativity, eating disordered behaviors, and NOPE to not going to the gym.

My snack today was broccoli, cauliflower, red bell pepper, and carrots with salsa and fat-free ranch.

Unfortunately around 5:30, my mood took a turn for the worse – I was a sobbing, sniffling mess. I had a cup of coffee and tried to calm down, but my mood was shot for the rest of the day.

Dinner was the breast of a rotisserie chicken on top of mixed greens with fat-free ranch and Stubb’s Original BBQ sauce.

That’s my spiel for today – I’m off to be depressed, take a bath, and drink hot tea. Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow, my friends!

~ Mandy


On Mental Attacks + Getting Help

Howdy there and Happy Friday to you all! I’ve been MIA for the past 10 days for a very good reason. I’ve been having terrible attacks (and my doctor doesn’t know what, to quote him, “the hell they are”) … I’ll do my best to describe them on here, but it’s difficult because I tend to “blank out” during the 5+ long hours attacks and then simply go about my day without remembering much. After them, I do feel drained and emotionally spent, as is typical with an acute mental episode, but I just don’t remember much.

These attacks start out with my heart racing and my eyes becoming discombobulated and wanting to “look up in a frozen position” (that’s the best way to describe it) – this lasts the entire duration of an attack and is only cured by a good night’s sleep, which I often do not get with these attacks (I’m often up until 1 or 2 a.m. before I can fall asleep compared to my usual bedtime of 9 p.m.). Then the hallucinations set it – I have seen my dead Nan looking at me from a corner, and the walls seem to come down on me. I also see negative words “written” in the textures of the walls and ceilings – words like “DIE” and “KILL YOURSELF.”

I also begin to have inactive thoughts of self-harm, such as that I should jump out the window or get Luke’s gun and shoot myself. I have no intention of acting on these thoughts at all, but they’re placed in my mind and are unsettling. My mouth opens as wide as it can open (it’s painful), and I can barely talk, breathe, or swallow. My mouth is usually wide open the entire time during the entire duration of these attacks, and combined with my “frozen looking-up eyesight,” it’s very distressing and stressful … it’s a terrible thing to go through, and I do not wish it on anyone.

And that’s what happens during these attacks, as best I can describe them. They’re terrifying, exhausting, and completely out of control.

I was placed on Hydroxyzine about 10 days ago, and it did nothing to help the attacks … instead, it turned me into a zombie for 6 days. I just wanted to sit in my chair, wrapped up in my bathrobe and blankets. My energy was zapped 110%. I quickly knew that this was not the med for me, so I resolved to take it only during my attacks. I tried this idea, and the Hydroxyzine did nothing at all to help.

I finally saw my psychiatrist today, and since he has no idea what’s causing these attacks – he ruled out most things like schizophrenia and seizures – he decided to prescribe me a low dose of Klonopin. I’m not sure if this will help or not, but it’s sure worth a try. I do not like Klonopin as it’s been known to give me withdrawal seizures in the past, but Dr. Jenkins said that the dose is so small that I shouldn’t have any problems. I see him again in 6 weeks, so hopefully I’ll see some positive changes … here’s hoping!

I felt very pretty going to see Dr. Jenkins today, so I snapped a pic – you can’t see my sparkly choker from Anthropologie in the pic, but you CAN see one of my gorgeous new tops from Anthro (bonus – I don’t have to wear a bra with it!).Β In other news, Luke and I made it back to Planet Fitness today – FINALLY! We did a ton of free weights, and I felt so happy after we were done … I felt like I actually *did* something positive with myself. Luke and I are resolving to work out on most days – he’s on some pro-hormone complex that his friend Sam, who works at the local Total Nutrition and is fit AF, recommended to him, and Luke obviously wants to see results with that! I may start on a Laxabolic myself (it’s hormone free, which is obviously what I need as a woman) to kick start some muscle density.

Here are some pics from today ~ I look like Skeletor in the first pic for some reason, my eye socket is pretty pronounced, ha!And here’s me doing more arm work ~ I absolutely hate my waist and hips here, but hell, I share the pic anyway.

I love free weights – they’re probably one of my favorite things to do at the gym. I love the machines too, but something about free weights (and getting to watch yourself in the mirror doing the reps) is empowering to me.

I truly hope that Luke and I start getting with the program and hit the weights almost every day – it helps me with body perception and my mental health for sure.

On the eating disorder front, I’ve been doing quite well. I’m not binging or purging and I’m not restricting, so I can say that I’m in a good place. πŸ™‚ I’m *considering* continuing calorie-counting to make sure I get enough protein in my day – Lose It! gives a nice macro breakdown – and fewer carbs and unhealthy fats.

As for my eats today, I didn’t document breakfast (an apple with 1 tbsp of peanut butter) or lunch (Mom and I went to The Public House, and I enjoyed a DAMN DELICIOUS salmon salad with green apples, picked red onion, goat cheese, spinach, and a to-die-for vinaigrette ((I plan to start making my own salad dressings at home now instead of store-bought)) … I really want to try their Saturday brunch one day!). I also had a few bites of deer sausage with Laughing cow cheese, BBQ, and a few carrot sticks and bell pepper sticks with hummus after the gym.

Around cocktail time, I slurped down a Raw & Organic Live Kombucha in Refreshing Rhuberry … please forgive this rather silly pic of me complete with messy hair and makeup, I had just come from the gym, after all!

I also had a Sprite Zero because my tummy was acting up.

Dinner was marinated and baked BBQ chicken with a side of rice and roasted Parmesan broccoli and cauliflower. YUM-O!

Well, that’s all I got for tonight – Luke and I are headed to the ranch tomorrow for some R&R, so I’ll be MIA for a day or two, but I’m sure to return with a TON of pictures and stories of our adventure. πŸ˜‰

Here’s hoping that the mental attacks subside too!

~ Mandy

My Poor Damn Hair + the 4th of July Spill

Howdy there! Happy Independence Day!Β  I’m in the mood to reminisce about my hair today. My hair has been through a LOT. It’s endured an ED, a shaved head during a drunken and manic night, and lots of store-bought hair color.

My hair started out as very long, and it had been that way since high school. My long hair was my pride and joy, y’all. I kept it well groomed, naturally colored, and enjoyed braiding and curling it. Here I am circa 2005 with my mom’s Shih Tzu, Toby.

This is me in San Diego circa 2007. This is probably close to the longest that my hair has ever been (it’s hard to see because my hair is brown, and I’m wearing a brown top). Then I got CRAZY DRUNK AND MANIC one night in January of 2012, and I shaved it all off! This is the only pictures I have of me with my shaved head as I was horribly ashamed of it, and I didn’t allow my picture to be taken.

We wed in 2012, and my hair was still too short to receive a proper haircut, so I just spiked it with some gel and went on my way. Despite my short hair, I love this picture so much. After I shaved it off, it did grow quickly at first … I had it cut and styled into a pixie, and it was cute enough, but I ultimately missed my long hair.

But then I got stuck in a short phase that I absolutely HATED! My hair did NOT want to grow, period. It was hard to even pull it up in a ponytail, as you can see below.

Between 2013 – 2016, my hair stayed about the same length – shortish! I colored my hair at this time, and I even went blonde in the summer of 2016 … not the wisest choice for my brown hair with the bleach. My hair did *not* like that development one bit.

Thankfully, my hair has begun to grow again, thanks in part to taking Biotin and eating more protein. I can finally pull it up into a proper ponytail!

This is a current pic of my hair. I’m vowing to never color it at home again (professionally done is fine, but I’m taking a break from getting it colored and am enjoying my natural color, which is mousy brown!), to keep the length long, and to keep trying to grow it out to reach as long as it used to be. I’m getting there for sure! πŸ™‚This Saturday (July 1st) was a HUGE milestone for me, y’all. I’m 6 MONTHS SOBER and am proud of it! Luke let me order a few cute things from the Anthropologie Tag Sale (with an extra 30% off … man, I love those sales!) as part of my celebration:

I also ordered the Isla Top in Pink from Brooke and Em Clothing (I saw it on someone on Instagram and fell into love) with some of my allotted monthly allowance, and it was 20% off regular price for the 4th, so I was thrilled:I can’t wait for my goodies to arrive (I’m always anxious that they won’t fit properly … man, that’s just part of not having a brick-and-mortar Anthropologie store around here, but I’ve always had good experiences with Anthro … I’m a bit of a recovering Anthro and Free People addict, and ordering from them is a special treat now … I’m hoping that my pretties all work out!). And yes, I’m a bit of a neutral-clothing wearer. The pink Brooke and Em top is departing from my darker neutrals, so I’m happy about that, but my Anthro goodies ring true to the neutral theme.

Now onto my 4th of July eats! Truly they’re nothing special today as we didn’t get out (Luke had to work, and our city stupidly celebrated the 4th of July on the damn 1st of July for some odd bureaucratic reason), but I always enjoy documenting my meals on here, so here we go! πŸ˜‰

Breakfast today was pretty straightforward – an Ambrosia apple (about 6 1/4 ounces) and two cups of coffee with stevia and almond milk. I’m trying to break away from using creamer in my coffee, and although I like it black, I enjoy a bit of creaminess to my morning brew, so I like to add almond milk. Yum! My breakfasts have been pretty scant lately, but I do enjoy my apple in the morning. I eat around 10 a.m. and seem to do pretty well with that (coffee is first thing in the a.m. though!).

Lunch was a simple sammie! I rarely have sandwiches, but Luke and I had burgers last night, so we were left with some delicious potato buns that we need to eat up. I toasted up a potato bun and spread it with a bit of spicy mustard, 2 1/3 oz. of smoked turkey breast, 1 slice of pepper jack cheese, and had a cup of roasted broccoli and a bit of carrot with fat-free ranch on the side. (My bun got a little scorched, but it tasted yummy!)

Snack #1 was celery sticks and salsa …

… and my second snack today was a new-to-me kombucha! I’m trying out a new variety that’s a little less expensive than Synergy, and so far, I’m enjoying the different flavors – it’s Raw and Organic Live Kombucha, and this flavor today was Culture Cola. To me, Synergy’s kombucha flavors are much more pronounced in the fruity category while Raw and Organic tastes like actual kombucha with a hint of flavor. Culture Cola tasted like a ginger beer to me, so I was pretty happy about that! It’s truly like a cocktail without the alcohol. πŸ˜‰

My third snack was half of a cucumber and 2 tablespoons of Roasted Pine Nut Hummus. Dinner was 6 oz of honey soy baked chicken with about a cup of roasted zucchini and a cup of yellow squash on a bed of spinach with two tablespoons of fat-free ranch (can you tell that I like fat-free ranch yet? I do! It tastes pretty similar to regular ranch dressing but with less calories, which I appreciate).

Alrighty, that’s my spiel for the 4th! Hope you have a fun and safe night! πŸ™‚

~ Mandy


Counting Calories + Anxiety Attacks

Hello there! Happy Thursday!Β  I’ve been depressed and anxious AF, so I haven’t posted on here in a few days … I’m going to try to push past my mental issues and post today (although I’m not feeling 100% yet).

Last night, I had a MAJOR anxiety attack. It was BAD. For nearly three hours, I was walking around the apartment with my mouth hanging open in a pathetic attempt to breathe, my eyes were “looking up”/going cross-eyed, my neck was stiff, and I was humming to calm myself. I remember getting in bed and trying to sleep … I heard Luke come in around 12:30 a.m. but I didn’t want to disturb him with my anxiety, so I just stayed in bed, humming softly to myself. I finally fell asleep around 1:00. Anxiety attacks SUCK. I also had a mini-anxiety attack this morning … it was crappy, but I got it under control pretty quickly. I contacted Rachael, my psychiatric nurse, and I’m hoping she can help me very soon … my anxiety is getting ridiculous.

In food-related news, I’m trying something new with my eating – I’m counting calories to feel in control of what goes into my mouth. No worries about restricting, my intake is 1350 calories, which is a good number. πŸ™‚ My main focus is going to be on protein as I need about 125 g of protein a day for my body. I’d like to keep losing some fat and gain muscle, so protein is imperative. No exercise today as I’m still reeling from the anxiety attacks, but that’s okay … I plan on going to the gym tomorrow (fingers crossed). πŸ˜‰

Breakfast was 2/3 C of cottage cheese (120 calories) and 1 C of sliced strawberries (53 calories). Coffee with creamer (70 calories) to drink (I don’t count the coffee calories, and I had another cup of black coffee with stevia afterwards).

Total calories for breakfast: 243

Lunch was two boiled eggs (144 calories), and I roasted some veggies: 1 C of carrots (52), two jalapeno peppers (26), a C of zucchini (33), and 1 C of broccoli (31) … I topped the eggs with about a teaspoon of mustard (5) and ate my veggies with two tablespoons of salsa (10).Total calories for lunch: 302

Luke and I went to the store after lunch, and Persephone received a nice new pink collar with flowers on it (it also has a little bell). She wasn’t too thrilled about her new collar, as you can see, but she lost her old one and needed one.

Luke and Caprica were very cozy this afternoon too … (Luke looks mad, but he’s just concentrating … I often mistake his “concentration face” for anger, ha!)

My snack today was a Lavender Love Kombucha (60 calories), 1 C of red bell pepper slices (46), 1/2 of a cucumber (23), and two tablespoons of Roasted Pine Nut Hummus (80).

Total calories for snack: 209

Dinner tonight was a big one! I roasted 8 oz. of chicken breast (374 calories) tossed in a tablespoon of Smokey Mesquite BBQ sauce and had 1 tablespoon on the side (62), and I also roasted some veggies: 1 C of cauliflower (29), 9 asparagus spears (30), 1 C of yellow squash (34), 1 C of broccoli (31), and 2 tablespoons of fat free Hidden Valley Ranch (25).

Total calories for dinner: 584

Total calories for the day: 1,341/1,350

I think I did pretty damn well today, so huzzah! I’ll take all the credit, ha! Here’s hoping for an anxiety-free night for me, y’all. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Question of the Day: Do you struggle with anxiety? If so, how do you help yourself push through it?

~ Mandy


Dueling Salads

Hello there and Happy Sunday! It’s a rainy, lazy day here in Amarillo, as you can see from the pics below – the cats were loafing about today in a most slothful fashion. (Calliope still thinks that Luke’s new bike seat is a comfortable place to hang out.)

I woke up and promptly had a major panic attack – one where I hyperventilate with my mouth wide open, and I go cross eyed. I took my extra Gabapentin, and it seemed to do the trick by calming me down. Nothing precipitated the anxiety at all, as usual; the attack just came on for no rationale. It really ticks me off that I have no reason to have a panic attack and that it’s just a habitual thing to happen to me at this point. When I panic, I simply wander around the apartment, completely walleyed and looking up at the ceiling with my mouth hanging open in a grim attempt to breathe. I do not wish anxiety on the worst of my enemies, y’all. It truly SUCKS. Thankfully I did not awaken my sleeping husband from that shit.

I wasn’t very hungry after my anxiety attack, so I simply had a Pacific Rose apple for breakfast around 10. One cup of coffee to drink, and then I switched to a delightful new tea called Tazo chai vanilla caramel. This tea has the same notes that coffee has to my taste buds, so it’s like drinking more coffee. I’ll certainly buy this tea again – I added some soy milk and stevia to it. Delish!

Lunch was around 1, and I baked a small chicken breast (it weighed just a bit over 6 oz, so I went with it), and roasted some seasoned broccoli, carrot, sweet potato, and red bell pepper all placed on a bed of lettuce and topped with Sriracha ranch and BBQ … I added some Fritos at the end for crunch. This was a reprise of my last dinner, I realize, but I just love me some good salad! That’s my secret to like a salad, y’all – add something salty and crunchy on the top like Fritos, and you’re golden. Orange and Cinnamon Spice tea to drink.

Luke and I ran a few errands after lunch, and I ended up going to the gym and doing the elliptical for 45 minutes, panic attack be damned. Let me tell ya, it was *HOT* in that gym today. I need to relocate to an elliptical that’s closer to the giant fan they have going in there … after 45 minutes, I was sweatier than I usually am. Ah well, such is going to the gym. πŸ˜‰ My goal of doing at least 30 minutes of cardio a day is going very well, and I’m thrilled about it!

Around 5:15, I was feeling munchy, so I had my regular kombucha cocktail and a slice of cheddar cheese, some deer sausage, and four saltine crackers with some BBQ sauce. So tasty – I need to eat deer more often as we have a freezer full of it!

Tonight, around 7, I enjoyed another salad!!! This is the Day of the Dueling Salads! My salad was essentially the same as the one at lunch – BBQ chicken, seasoned and roasted veggies (jalapeno, sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, red bell pepper), some shredded cheddar, lettuce/spinach, a drizzle of Sriracha Ranch and BBQ, and Fritos. Looking back, I probably should have eaten something else for varied nutrition, but hey, it is what it is. πŸ™‚ I admit right now that my favorite part of these salads is the lettuce and dressing.

Now I’m off to drink more tea and cuddle with my kitty friends! Hope you had a GREAT day – mine turned out to be not too shabby at all (panic attack excluded).

~ Mandy




Feline on a Bike

Howdy there and Happy Saturday! How are you today? I woke up this morning, and the first thing I spotted was Calliope making herself comfortable on Luke’s woolly bike seat! Naughty kitt lit!

She was very pleased with herself, as you can plainly see.

I’m going to try something new with my eating schedule, y’all. I’m going to try eating every two hours or so, and I’m going to break up my meals. For instance, instead of having chicken and veggies in one setting at lunch, I’ll have my chicken around 12, and then my veggies around 2. I’m hoping this routine will help with any hunger pains and help me to eat a little less (I went overboard yesterday with my snacks).

I wasn’t too hungry for breakfast once again, so I scrambled two eggs with a tablespoon of shredded cheese and S+P and topped with salsa. Simple! One cup of coffee with creamer to drink.

Soon after breakfast, I drove to Planet Fitness and did 45 minutes on the elliptical. (Calliope was *still* sleeping on the bike when I got home.) It was a bit of an overcast, rainy, lazy day, so I’m glad that I pushed that into the back of my mind and went to the gym anyway!

My hair braiding is slowly but surely getting neater – I did two French braids this morning before my workout, and they’re looking much tighter and more even. It’s harder for me to do them on clean hair still, it’s much easier when my hair has gone a day without a wash. I tried doing them on my clean hair after my shower in an unsuccessful and frustrating attempt … ah well. I’m getting better.

I had a veggie-snack around 10:30 – sugar snap peas and salted cucumber slices with salsa (I’m a salsa-fiend, what can I say?). Little veggie-snacks keep me sane throughout the day, I have to say.

The first part of my lunch was 6 oz of baked BBQ chicken with some celery and Bacon Cheddar Ranch. I mainly wanted to focus on the chicken, but the plate looked bare, so I added some extra crunch.

Soon after lunch, I ran to the store and bought a ton of tasty goodies! Huzzah! Around 3:30, I had what I’m considering to be my second part of lunch, which was some raw cauliflower and red bell pepper with hummus and salsa.Around 5:30, it was cocktail time! I had a Trilogy Kombucha, and it’s by far my favorite flavor.

Dinner happened around 7. I baked more BBQ chicken and some broccoli, sweet potato, jalapeno, and carrot and placed them all on a bed of lettuce, a bit of rice, and with a sprinkling of cheese. BBQ sauce and Sriracha ranch along with a few Fritos as a topper.

Alrighty, that’s all I got for tonight! πŸ™‚ Hope everyone had a fabulous day – I’m off to watch Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel.

~ Mandy

30 Minutes a Day

Hi there! How are you doing today? My moods have been pretty stable lately, and I’m very thankful! Bipolar disorder is a harsh mistress sometimes, and I still experience bizarre moods throughout the day, but I like to think that I’ve been in a balanced way lately (I’ll have to ask Luke, of course, as he’s the ultimate gauge for my moods, but I think I’ve been steady).

I admit that I had giant LOW and a good cry over my body yesterday … I was convinced that my stomach looked terrible! That’s just part of it, I think, but it sucks when it happens. I’m trying to keep positive and look at any changes in my body as a positive thing, not a detrimental one. After all, my body *is* going to change if I keep working out and eating well. It’s NOT a bad thing at all! I’m just so used to being extremely thin and disordered that it’s hard to see any change, but I’m working on adjusting my perspective.

I’m upping my protein intake for real this time, y’all. I want to see results, so I need to get with the program and stop living off fruits and veggies. So today and from now on, my focus will be on protein, protein, protein. My eats may become a little boring as I tend to eat the same thing once I find a good balance, but I like sharing them on here regardless. πŸ™‚

Breakfast this morning was around 9; I ate two eggs with about a tablespoon of shredded Mexican Blend cheese, S+P, and salsa. 1 cup of coffee with creamer to drink … I’m going to try cutting back. I wasn’t terribly hungry for breakfast, so I had a relatively small meal, but since it was packed with protein, it kept me full until lunch.

Soon after breakfast, I had an inkling to hit the gym. I felt a bit gross because I hadn’t taken a shower, but I washed my face, put on deodorant, put my hair into low pigtails, and I went anyway! I did the elliptical for 30 minutes and walked/ran a bit on the treadmill. I felt *so much better about my body* after exercising, y’all.

My goal is to start doing 30 minutes a day on cardio and keep up with weights – I’d do a hour on the elliptical for a few days in a row and then get burnt out and just do weights. By doing just 30 minutes, I’m getting many health benefits, such as a mood boost, and I can create a little deficit, which I do want (I’d like to lose some more belly fat to show dem abs!). If I’m feelin’ frisky, I can do 30 minutes twice a day. I don’t need to do an entire hour in one setting though … it just makes me too tired, and I need to avoid burn-out.

Luke woke up early and wanted to go to O’Reilly’s for some bike stuff, so I went with him. πŸ™‚ He was up and at ’em and worked on his bikeΒ all afternoon. Yes, it’s parked inside the apartment … no, I don’t mind! We don’t want it to get stolen like Luke’s old one, so it needs to stay inside with us.

Random, but I want to decorate the wall where the bike is – it’s stark white right now, and it just bugs the crap outta me! I’m gonna go to TJ Maxx and Ross to see about some cheap wall decor. I have to do something about that white space, damn it!

Lunch was at 1:00, and I enjoyed 6 oz of baked BBQ chicken (yep, I’m weighing out my proteins), roasted onion, broccoli, cauliflower, and red bell pepper all placed on a bed of spinach with Fiesta Ranch and a little extra Stubb’s BBQ sauce. It was delicious! Chicken salads are a “safe” food for me now, which is GREAT.

Vanilla chai tea with almond-coconut milk and stevia was my beverage of choice with lunch. Tea literally keeps me sane during the day as it’s something to sip and keep my tummy full – it truly helps with purge urges, in my opinion, but those urges are starting to fade.

One of my little “mini-goals” today was to start re-learning how to properly braid my hair! I did two French braids down the back, and although they need to be cleaned up a bit, they looked good enough to wear for the rest of the day, so I was pleased with myself. I want to learn how to do fish-tail braids again too. πŸ™‚ (Not the most flattering pic of me – the shadow makes me look like I have major crows feet, but I was proud, ha!) I want to have much longer hair, and I need to learn how to braid again.

I needed a pick-me-up, so I had a smoothie for a snack around 3:30 – my mix was Protein One vanilla, almond-coconut milk, a tablespoon of chia seeds, cinnamon, vanilla, and ice. Yummy!

I also munched on an apple and some peanut butter yogurt dip (I *love* that stuff, and the recipe makes a ton!).

I wasn’t very hungry around my usual dinnertime due to my large snack. Instead, I watched TV and simply vegged out in my cozy old blue socks (they are getting holes in them, damn it, but I still wear them because they’re so damn comfortable). The apartment was very clean, so I didn’t have any catching up to do this evening, which made me happy. I had planned on going back to the gym to do 30 more minutes of cardio, but I was ultimately too lazy return to the gym … oh well! I already went once, so that’s good enough for a Friday night.

I had my kombucha cocktail around 6:30 … Gingerade this time because my tummy needed some soothing after my big snack! Dinner was much later than usual, but that’s perfectly fine with me! I had more BBQ chicken with roasted onion and broccoli and a bit of rice drizzled with some ranch, BBQ, and a dab of salsa. Easy peasy, yum, yum.

Now I’m watching Expedition Unknown and trying not to think about my full tummy! Hope you had a great day, y’all!

~ Mandy