Rock ‘N Roll

Howdy y’all! After a hiatus, I’m finally back and ready to rock ‘n roll down to Chinatown! In this blog, you’ll find my adventures with eating properly after 17 years of having an eating disorder and my attempts to get fit and healthy. I want to be truthful and show my readers that small meals are GOOD meals and that simplicity is a massive key when dealing with ED recovery. I won’t post on here every single day (I eat a ton of the same things indeed, and it might be boring), but I’ll write when I’m feeling the blog-love.

Okay, here we go! πŸ™‚


I had my two cups (ok, THREE cups) of Starbuck’s caramel coffee with my guilty pleasure of Coffee Mate creamer in Chocolate Toffee Truffle (I’m planning on cutting back on that shit, I swear). My morning pills are where it’s at, y’all – I took my Buspar and Gabapentin for my bipolar disorder and my Thermoscorch thermogenic, Laxobolic, and Epigrow for my fitness regimen .

My breakfast was SIMPLE this morning as we were low on foodstuffs and needed to make a trip to the store, but sometimes simple is better, right? I had a Chobani mango yogurt with a banana, 4 strawberries, and a drizzle of fresh honey and two hard boiled eggs with S+P and spicy mustard … it’s a weird-ass combination, I know, but it’s really tasty to me. I’m trying to up my protein game too, so eggs and yogurt are a perfect breakfast.

This picture is NOT very appetizing, I realize, but hey, I’m keeping it real … I didn’t want to dirty an extra plate just for two eggs, ha! I drank peppermint tea with stevia after this meal and I felt totally satisfied.

Of course, what post would be complete without CAT PICS?! Calliope, Caprica, and Persephone were being extra lazy and precious kitt lits this morning!


I roasted a small head of broccoli, a zucchini, and two carrots with salt and San Antonio Red seasoning and served them with Pace hot salsa, pine nut hummus, and spicy ranch dressing. YUM! I also took my fitness supplements again with some hot Green tea. πŸ™‚

Now that I see my lunch on here, I think I need to add more protein to this meal, humph. Oh well, it was a tasty and satisfying meal regardless.


For a snack after the gym, I had a big ol’ carrot with dressing and hummus … no picture as I was HANGRY, but that’s okay! πŸ™‚


A kale Caesar salad with added avocado, a Southwestern roasted chicken breast, and a few jalapeno potatoes were on the menu tonight!

More peppermint tea and my prescriptions to end the night!

Exercise and Mental Health

Today I’m happy to report that my bipolar disorder was at bay and stable! I think working out has helped my mood at TON. Today Luke and I did leg day at the gym and stayed for 50 minutes. I went back and walked for about 45 minutes on the treadmill before my silly shoe began rubbing my heel. I also did 120 sit ups this morning and feel much better about my core. Overall, a great day!

We’re headed to the ranch tomorrow, and I hope to take some pictures to share on here! We need a little R&R, and the ranch is just the place to go … I’ll see you after our adventures at the ranch!

Right now, I’m vegging out after a hot bath and am getting S-L-E-E-P-Y. Good night, all!

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