The Ranch on Easter and a Mental Health Update

Howdy all! We went to the ranch over Easter, and here are a few of my favorite snaps from the trip!


As you can see, we saw the Easter Bunny on Easter morning! We had a great time!

Mental Health

Oh boy, yesterday was a DOOZIE … the day started out wonderfully and then ended on a terrible note. As you might know, I have PTSD from my childhood, and it carries into adulthood through fears of my abusive and drunk father. Last night, I was chilling and had texted him some pictures of the ranch (he owns it, and I thought he’d enjoy them). I know that he was drinking heavily last night like he always does, and I need to be on my guard more when texting him as we were having a civil conversation until he suddenly started going on about how I had wronged him in life in no uncertain terms, just being plain NASTY to me.

I was shocked at first and shaken as we’ve been on civil terms for a while now, but I didn’t allow the conversation to induce vomiting as it would have in the past, nor did I crave a drink myself (I’m a recovering alcoholic). I’m proud of how I handled the situation, y’all. I did have nightmares all last night about my father though, and it reminds me of how terrorized I was as a child and teenager … not a good place to be. I hope to have a better sleep tonight. After all, time is the best healer.

Take care xoxo

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