The Way the Snake Slithers

Hi there y’all! How are you today?

Persephone was meowing her timid little meow at me over the entire morning. I don’t understand that cat – she was acting like she wanted pets, but then she skittered away every time my hand reached for her bottom to scratch. Then she looked at me for a while from the couch, staring balefully … again, I don’t understand that silly kitty cat!


I had my breakfast in two sessions this morning which is different for me, but I needed something about 30 minutes after I woke up, and Brown Cow yogurt sounded delicious. I picked apricot mango out of the fridge, topped with a small banana and a drizzle of honey, and ate it up with a cup of Starbucks vanilla coffee with Silk vanilla creamer to start my day off with a bang!

Second breakfast was two eggs with S+P, cheddar cheese, corn, and black beans Pace salsa and sriracha with a side of avocado and deep red heirloom tomato with salt. More coffee, please! Breakfast is definitely my heartiest meal of the day, but I need fuel for my morning workout! πŸ˜‰


Once again, I had tuna on cucumbers and broccoli with my typical dips of hummus, salsa, ranch dressing. I tend to eat similar things throughout the week, so just a word of warning here … we try to hit up the store just a few times a week if not once, and we eat up what we have in an effort to not waste much! I also had a nice big glass of V8 juice, yummy.

Overall, this was a tasty lunch, one that I really enjoyed after my first workout. Now, I know people aren’t supposed to eat canned tuna more than once a week because of the mercury, but I’m living dangerously and had it two days in a row … I’ll make an effort to switch it up tomorrow.


My lunch was a little light, so around 2:00 I was feeling snacky in a major way, and I had a nice juicy orange with a MOO-Brown Cow strawberry yogurt … that hit the spot!


Tonight I had a strawberry banana protein smoothie made with 1 small banana, 6 large strawberries, 1 scoop of vanilla Protein One, about a cup of milk, and plenty of ice cubes. This made two cups of smoothie, and I drank both! YUM!

I ate a little more than usual today, but that’s okay – I’ve hit my goal weight of 130 pounds and am feeling so good about myself, y’all! I’ll have to think about whether I want to bump it up to 135 … it’s a process for me. It’s taken me a LONG time to want to get to 130 lbs, and it might take me a while to decide I want to go higher. I’m trying to not encourage eating disordered thinking though, and I ultimately think my weight will tell me where it needs to be if I just eat healthily and exercise. πŸ™‚

Exercise and Mental Health

This morning I went for my usual hour gym session – I did 30 minutes of the elliptical and 30 minutes of walking. Huzzah! I didn’t want to go crazy on the elliptical as it was LEG DAY with my hubs, and I didn’t want to have exhausted legs.

I have to admit that I was in a so-so mood after my first workout from about 11 until 3. My brave-hearted Luke went to shoot .260 Remington’s today with my father, and I became worked up over Luke seeing Dad after that awful little “text chat” on Sunday. I distracted myself well enough, however, and made dinner while Luke was away (he ended up having a good time, anything where guns are involved seems to be right up his ally).

I also played with Drogo and had Luke take a picture of us when he got back.Poor Drogo needs a mouse to munch on – we hope to pick him up one tomorrow, but he’s still the perfect gentleman, even when he’s hungry (we’ve had some bite-y snakes over the years who were very unhappy around feeding time). I love his little head peeking out from behind my hand, so sweet.

Needless to say, my second workout with Luke perked me up – we lifted heavy-ass weights for about 50 minutes – and left me feeling tired and happy. My mood was so much better after that, and I’m glad I got out of my slump.

Calliope was resting on the bed ALL DAY TODAY … how I wish I were a kitty cat sometimes!

Time to watch Expedition Unknown and chill out with a cup of coffee! Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, so I’m hoping to do a restaurant review for kicks. Wishing you sweet dreams and deep sleep! xoxo

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