5th Wedding Anniversary

Howdy y’all! How’re you doing? πŸ™‚ I had a wonderful day!

Today was my 5th wedding anniversary to my sweetheart husband! We met 10 years ago in March, and we’ve been together ever since. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful, strong, warrior man in my life. He puts up with my bipolar shenanigans like a saint too, which is an amazing trait to find in a partner.

The kitties were out sunning themselves this morning … I snapped pics of Calliope and Persephone, but Caprica was too interested in pets to get a non-blurry pic! I’ve come to realize that my best pictures are snaps of animals, particularly the cats and my sister’s horses. Something about animals is just so stinkin’ fun to photograph!


I downed two cups of coffee in break-neck speed along with my laxobolic, epigrow, and my gabapentin, buspar, calcium supplement, and my probiotic. Coffee is my blood, y’all … if I ever need a transfusion, they might as well just inject that shit into my veins!

I kept breakfast simple today as we were going out to dinner to celebrate! I hard-boiled two eggs, topped them with S+P, and ate them with three pieces of bacon and two toasted and buttered pieces of Newman’s Own Honey Wheat toast (it’s not the *healthiest* bread out there, and I aim to buy something better next time, but hey, it still makes for a tasty toast). My breakfast was later in the day as I didn’t wake up terribly hungry and settled for a few more cups of Joe to fuel my earlier hours.


Smoothie and an apple for lunch! I had an Ambrosia apple with cinnamon and nutmeg and split a protein smoothie with Luke – a scoop of Protein One vanilla, milk, a large banana, ice, and some cinnamon. I really loved the addition of cinnamon to the smoothie, next time I will also add a dash of vanilla. Yummy.

Luke and I took my car in for a new windshield and new tires (boo, but it’s good to get it all fixed up so the damn thing will pass inspection this month) after we had lunch, and while it was being worked on, we worked on ourselves at the gym! Afterwards we got Drogo a mouse to munch on.


Dinner was a trip to Outback Steakhouse! Hooray! Happy Anniversary to us! πŸ™‚We ordered iced teas (no booze for us!) and a Bloomin’ Onion with extra dipping sauce which was very spicy and delicious tonight. I ate about 1/3 of it while Luke at 1/2 … I was already getting very full after our appetizer and half of a loaf of delicious brown bread with butter, but I soldiered on …

… and then we received our entrees! We both ordered a GIANT rib-eye steak, rare, with mushrooms, steakhouse mac n’ cheese, and a loaded baked potato. I ordered a house salad with ranch with mine and promptly ate a good portion of it before touching the rest of my meal … gotta keep those veggies going in, right? The steak was a little salty for my taste, but it was delicious nonetheless. The steakhouse mac n’ cheese was dynamite, and the loaded baked potato was very flavorful too.

Obviously we had TONS of leftovers afterwards … I can probably make two more meals out of mine, and Luke has about one good meal out of his. No dessert for us, we were too full! Overall we were happy with our experience at Outback, as we usually are!

Exercise and Mental Health

Today I tried something new with my eating – I’m going to up my protein game, and I’ve decided to cut back on all of the other things (read: hummus, ranch dressing, salsa … yes, that’s a tall order for me since I love dipping my veggies, but it’ll be worth it). I hope to implement this into my routine.

I also decided to try savoring my food instead of inhaling it like a wolf. I’m bad at stuffing my face quickly, and I need to slow down and enjoy the taste! Surely that’ll help me feel fuller for longer, right? I think so! It worked tonight with Outback. I’m trying something new with my coffee tomorrow too – instead of creamer, I’m going to try Stevia and a hearty pour of 2% milk to see if that doesn’t “healthify” my morning cuppa with some good calcium and a touch of protein.

My weight today was 127.8 lbs … I’m getting to my goal of 130 lbs, slowly but surely! Our meal at Outback will probably bump me up closer for a while, ha!

Luke and I went to the gym for about 45 minutes today and did our chests and some arm exercises. I must admit that chest day is NOT my favorite day as it’s the hardest for me to do, but that just means I need to do it MORE! πŸ™‚ I took a break from cardio today.

Mentally, I’m doing SO STINKIN’ WELL, y’all. My bipolar and anxiety are 100% under control, so hurray!

All in all, this was a WONDERFUL day for me! Have a lovely night, y’all! xoxo

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