Bipolar Weatherman

Howdy there! How are you today? I decided that I’m going to add a “Critters” section on certain days to my daily log along with my daily eats and mental health – the animals are just so damn important to me, so I’m going to do daily pics and updates of them too. Here we go ~

The Critters

Mr. Drogo was out warming himself under his heat lamp, and he was too precious not to share! He’s getting so big and slow, ha! Speaking of slithery friends, the Tri-State Reptile Expo is coming up soon, and we’re definitely going – that’s where we bought Drogo last September, and although we don’t have the funds to buy him a pricey little friend at this point, we love looking and dreaming!

Calliope was warming herself on Drogo’s cage this morning …

Persephone was lounging on the couch …

And Caprica was working out some frustrations on the scratching post! Work it out, work it out, meow, meow!


I wasn’t very hungry this morning after my two cups of Joe. I knew that I needed to eat regardless, so I crappily hard-boiled two eggs – they turned out more soft-boiled than anything, but that’s okay – and served them with S+P and French’s Spicy Mustard. I also enjoyed some strawberries sprinkled with sugar … this breakfast is a reprise of what I had yesterday, I realize, but it’s a great protein-filled little breakfast for someone who’s not too hungry. Green Tea to drink! (I’m holding off on the Green Vibrance until I get some OJ to drink with that shit, it nasty in plain water.)


I roasted some broccoli, carrots, red onion, a bite of tomato, and green bell pepper with S+P and Fajita Seasoning, my usual seasoning mix, and served them with hummus, light Fiesta ranch, and Pace salsa (no shit, Mandy) for dipping. For the protein-portion of my lunch, I had a Fage Total Strawberry Yogurt with a bite of fresh mango … we have a ton of fresh fruit that I’m trying to eat up! Vanilla Chai Tea to drink.


I baked a chicken breast using that Healthy Baked Cheddar Ranch Chicken again (we had leftovers, and I try to use everything up before going shopping again) and served half of it up with some BBQ sauce (the other half went into Luke’s dinner container). I also sauteed up some kale, spinach, squash, and zucchini in a bit of butter and EVOO with garlic salt and pepper. Such a simple dinner, y’all, I couldn’t ask for much easier.

Exercise and Mental Health

My weather-sensitive body was right – it rained and rained last night, and according to my Misfit Ray, I got 11 hours of sleep … I woke up at 9 instead of my usual 7, humph. Why need a weatherman when you can just have bipolar disorder, damn it! I AM THE BIPOLAR WEATHERMAN, Y’ALL! (That’s my new title of many, such as The Teller of Tall-Tales, The Pissy Cleaning Lady, the Covered-in-Hair Crazy Cat Lady, and the Ultimate Bitch Lunch Lady.)

I woke up feeling jittery and a wee bit manic, wondering about the point of it all – I cleaned the entire apartment as Luke slept – and then a heavy depression set in over the early afternoon. I didn’t even want to go lift weights and started crying for no reason at all. Lucky for me, Luke doesn’t take “no” for an answer easily when it comes to lifting weights, and he encouraged me to go anyway. We went for about 45 minutes and did arms. I felt better after lifting, but I was noticeably very tired afterwards.

I’ve noticed that I keep a running dialogue with myself over my size – I have to tell myself over and over “You’re NOT fat, Mandy, you’re not fat,” “you’re NOT hungry and don’t need to binge, Mandy,” and “you don’t have to throw up your lunch, Mandy.” It’s still a battle, but I’m winning. It’s strange, it doesn’t *feel* like I’m doing anything monumental here, but I guess I am. I had this same internal dialogue when I stopped drinking, and it worked, so here’s hoping!

In blog news, I hope to buy that domain name in a few weeks. We just had a massive hit with car repairs (both cars, damn it – Luke’s 1990 4-Runner needed a complete tune-up, and my little Kia Optima needed a new windshield and tires and inspection), so our finances are wee bit tight right now. That’s okay though … it all needed to be done, and I’ll get my domain name sooner than later!

Now I’m off to rest, relax, drink a cup of coffee and watch Expedition Unknown! Have a nice evening, my friends!


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