The Mood Eater Is Live!

Hi there! How are you today, my friends?

I *finally* bought my own domain name, and you can find me at now! Huzzah!

We’ve had some drama ’round these parts: My husband’s prized $7000 motorcycle was stolen yesterday, so things are rather glum around here. All I can say is SHIT. People just really suck sometimes. My husband and I are very pissed off about this development, obviously, so please send good vibes that the police can find it (it’s insured, which is good, but we’re hoping that it can be returned … since it’s used, we won’t get enough back to buy a brand new one, and they don’t sell them around here anyway, so poop). Luke said that he doesn’t think he’ll get a new one if it’s not found because he wouldn’t be as happy with something else. 😦 My poor hubby!

So, I haven’t posted for the past two days because I’ve been depressed as hell. More on that below – it’s SNOWING here today, so I’m weathering two storms – the one outside, and the one in my brain.


I completely forgot to document my breakfast! For the record, I had a Chobani Coconut yogurt with a banana and some strawberries. I was HANGRY this morning, so I indulged a bit and had a goodly dollop of honey on my yogurt mix, and it hit the spot! I also had Starbucks Mocha coffee with coconut milk (no more creamer!) and some OJ with a scoop of Green Vibrance. It looks beyond disgusting in this picture, and it’s hard to mix up because it’s so dense, but it seriously tastes just like OJ and not nasty alfalfa.


I tried something completely new for me – I ate two tortillas! I usually avoid bread-y carbs, but I wanted an egg and cheese burrito today (Luke adores them). Y’all … BURRITOS ARE SO F-ING GOOD! Why have I been avoiding them!? I don’t know! My burritos were made with three eggs with S+P and shredded cheddar cheese, three pieces of bacon, a small avocado, and some Pace salsa. Talk about delicious and FILLING. This picture isn’t the best when it comes to food-styling, but I’m not a professional food stylist, so hell, here it is:


I made Luke a batch of Slow Cooker Bread Pudding. No, I did not have this for dinner (although it was tempting!). While it cooked, I snacked on some celery and red bell pepper, no pic because I didn’t think about it … man, I’m failing at the picture-taking today, aren’t I?

Instead of bread pudding for dinner, I had Mustard Herb Crusted Chicken (it was just okay, I doubt I’ll make it again) served with BBQ and roasted broccoli … I was nursing a tummy ache (perhaps from the tortillas I ate earlier? SHIT!), so this was not my favorite dinner ever, poop.

My stomachache was so crummy that I didn’t even want to sample the bread pudding, ho hum.

Exercise and Mental Health

I’ve been SUPER DEPRESSED over the past few days – I didn’t even want to work out, which shows that something is terribly wrong. I just didn’t have the energy to even begin to think about the gym. Being depressed is like having an overbearingly heavy weight on your head, your heart, your energy levels. It SUCKS.

I spent most of Thursday in the bed, in my pajamas, sobbing my eyes out for no reason at all. I wonder if it’s the weather patterns or something because nothing is really wrong in my life right now … I was also taking melatonin at night for the past few nights, and I’m curious if that contributed to my depression. I stopped last night, and I feel so much better upon waking up.

It’s important that I keep reminding myself about the beauty of life – like this pretty little flower that I snapped at the ranch – and to just keep moving forward as best I can, despite my moods.

In eating disordered news, I’m really battling my urge to restrict. This happens when I’m depressed, and it just adds to my daily battle. I ultimately want my gains, so I’ve been forcing myself to eat – I don’t want to lose all of the muscle that I’ve worked so hard to build. That happens if you restrict or purge, and I’ve made too much progress to let that ol’ eating disorder get the best of me.

Today I did arms at the gym – I rarely go without Luke, but today he was understandably feeling low, so I went alone and got my pump on.

The Critters

I captured some portraits of the keedees today while it was raining out this morning … much laziness in these pics! The couch was the place to be this morning!

Calliope,Β  who was sitting on the top of the couch …

Caprica, who was rubbing her head on Luke’s gaming headset and doesn’t ever like to look at the camera (silly kitty) …

And Persephone, who was nestled on the arm of the couch looking smug, as usual! It’s hard to capture Persephone in photographs for some reason, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. I think it’s because she looks so utterly gridlocked all of the time.

I’m cleaning up the apartment and then vegging out on this snowy night with Ghost Adventures and hot tea … I hope to be back tomorrow, my friends! Here’s to a positive tomorrow!



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