On the Lookout

Howdy all! How are you doing today?

I *may* stop logging my daily eats on here … it’s a bit of a chore to snap pics of everything. I’m unsure at this point. I enjoy taking pictures, but taking pics of everything I eat is kinda boring … maybe I’ll just talk about ED and mental health related issues instead? If you were me, would you keep posting pictures of your meals?

It turns out that I didn’t have pinkeye, thank goodness – I just scratched my eye badly and caused it to swell up! Icky but I’m very happy that it’s back to normal. πŸ˜‰


I wasn’t hungry at all this morning, but I had a Pink Lady apple with several cups of Joe (stevia and coconut milk added). One thing I’ve learned from my eating disorder recovery is that I ultimately need to eat at regular times, even if it’s just a small bite. I feel better in the long run, although sometimes it’s a battle to simply eat when I need to – not gonna lie, I still struggle with ED-related thoughts and behaviors (it’s been a part of my life for 17 years, y’all, and it’s a tough bitch to kick).


I scrambled three eggs with Half ‘N Half and S+P, added a piece of cooked bacon, and an avocado with some salsa, all on two lovely flour tortillas. YUM!


I baked Sriracha-Honey chicken for dinner and served it alongside some broccoli and squash and a pickle! BBQ sauce for dipping. (My plate is very messy, ha!)


I needed to get out some anxious energy this morning, so I headed to Planet Fitness and jumped on the elliptical! I went for 50 minutes and then walked on the treadmill for a bit. I definitely felt better after my workout – the elliptical is my anxiety buster for sure.

Luke and I didn’t make it to lift weights today as we had a lead on his stolen bike (which has been spray painted black), went to investigate, and then drove to the police station to talk to the detective (he was surprisingly very helpful). Here’s hoping that it gets returned! We’re on the lookout!

Mental Health

In other news, I’m trying to sell some clothes via ThredUp … it seems easy enough, just put your clothes in a bag and send it off! I realize that I won’t make a grand return on my used items, but hey, I needed to clean out my closet, and the local consignment shop here closed, so I’m trying this route.

Now I’m vegging out with some hot Mint Green Tea and watching Travel Channel (my go-to channel).

xoxo y’all

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