The Day of the Fake Spaghetti Squash

Howdy there! How are you doing today?

My day has been very chill, and I’m grateful! Lots of cleaning and painting on one of my deer skulls … I have epic plans for this skull, y’all. It’s going to have a crown of flowers, some rhinestones, and a pretty pattern all over it.


I wasn’t very hungry this morning, and I was in a “fruit-y” mood, so I had a simple apple and a banana alongside my *three* cups of coffee with almond milk and stevia. We bought some Gevalia French Roast, and I LOVE it … it’s so much stronger and more finely ground than the Starbucks that we usually purchase. I think I’m a convert!


I baked some carrot, cauliflower, and broccoli with seasoning and served them with a delightful mashup of Thai Chili Style tuna, cucumbers, Pace Salsa and Light Fiesta Ranch. YUM! I may or may not have added a little spicy mustard to the tuna. πŸ˜‰


Okay y’all, this is pretty silly … I went to the store today looking for a nice big ol’ spaghetti squash. I had plans for that spaghetti squash too … I bought some pasta sauce and Parmesan and wanted to load that shit up for dinner tonight. I spotted a spaghetti squash at Walmart for just $2.68, so I quickly snapped it up and went on my way. At home when I cut into it, however, I realized that this spaghetti squash looked a little odd inside … yeah, turns out it’s a MELON that looks just like a spaghetti squash on the outside. Epic FAIL. However, I sliced up the big ol’ melon and stuck it in the fridge … my snack today was, therefore, melon with salt. Despite my wonderful plans for a spaghetti squash dinner, I had a delicious snack!


I roasted some trimmed green beans and zucchini with S+P and Parmesan and also baked some BBQ chicken alongside it. I was crock pot-ting some chicken, but I needed dinner before it was done, so I just tossed a few pieces into the oven! Easy peasy. I had a dollop of hummus on the side. I also added a Silk Peach-Mango yogurt with raspberries and strawberries.


I didn’t get out to exercise today, but that’s okay! I’m just calling it like it is – a REST day! πŸ˜‰ No biggie, y’all.

Mental Health

I’m stable and in a great mood because of the weather turning warmer. Summer is my golden-time, so I’m looking forward to a happier one than last year! Last year I was knee-deep into anorexia, and I headed to the rehab center in July – at the same time when I was away, my beloved grandma, my Nan, passed away. Luke was also moving us into the apartment and selling the house when I was away too … I don’t miss last summer one bit!


Today Luke and I had a photo-session with Persephone-cat, so I thought I’d share:

She looks so tormented, doesn’t she? If *only* she didn’t get to sleep on the couch all day … oh wait! She DOES!

In Other News

I went to the zoo yesterday and had an amazing time with my friend, Celeste. We saw all of the creatures (lions, a tiger, a bear, elk, bison, a gray fox, a badger, some macaws … tons of reptiles, which you know I love! … so much more!). I’m excited at the prospect of volunteering out there. I’ll know more in June. πŸ™‚

Luke’s motorcycle was totaled out by the insurance company, so he’s on the hunt for a new bike! He’s going to look at a local Yamaha tonight that’s for sale on Craigslist, and I hope he likes it! He’s torn because they totaled out the bike – he *really loved* his red and gray Triumph, but he knows that it might be problematic to get it fully repaired … it’s probably easier for him just to buy a new one, but he sure loved his old bike, and it’s stressful for him. 😦 He’s looking at a Yamaha tonight … we’ll see what comes of it!

Here’s to a bright tomorrow, my friends! xoxo



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