Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you dear moms out there (fur-baby moms totally count too)! How are y’all doing today?

I woke up this morning feelin’ fine, and what a lovely hot day it turned out to be! I didn’t make it to the gym today, but Luke and I are vowing to hit it tomorrow. Luke’s been in a bit of a funk since his motorcycle was stolen, and I’ve been feeling a touch low in the bipolar/mood department, so we haven’t been making our regular rounds to the gym. But sometimes it’s okay to take a break. Everything in moderation. I feel better when I *do* go to the gym though, so I’m stoked about hitting it hard tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

I also did myself a major favor and had Luke lock our evil bathroom scale up in his gun safe. I’m so sick of looking at that damned scale and seeing a number that doesn’t account for my inner beauty and strength, so I made the executive decision to exile it for a while. Good riddance, I say. I’ve allowed that scale to dictate how I feel for far too long, and it’s time to make a change with that. I hope to weigh myself about once a week instead of every day as I fluctuate too much on a daily basis to trust it, and I don’t want a number to rule my day.

Onto the EATS:

I had a sweet smoothie for breakfast made with Protein One vanilla powder, almond milk, raspberries, and grapes. Okay y’all, can I talk about how much I love smoothies? They’re delightful, and they don’t leave me feeling overly full, which I appreciate. Coffee with a little sugar (we were out of stevia) and half and half to drink … I decided to be fancy and have actual half and half instead of just almond milk this morning, and it makes a huge difference.

Around noon, I had an Ambrosia apple with cinnamon and some Honey Soy Baked Chicken with BBQ sauce. Easy peasy.

For Mother’s Day, my sis Jenny bought my mom a buttermilk chess pie from our local Belmar Bakery, and Mom wanted to share with us! Yummy, it was delicious with some green tea. πŸ™‚ Aren’t my mom’s plates the cutest things? Her whole house is so stinkin’ adorable.

We sat outside on Mom’s patio and enjoyed our dessert, and then we snapped some pictures complete with Mr. Boomer, Mom’s 15 year old shih tzu. He was more interested in the pie than in pictures, but Luke managed to get him to look at him in several photos!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! You’re the most amazing, caring, patient, understanding, sweet, loving, gentle mother that Jenny and I could ever ask for … you deserve to feel special today!

We took some pictures and chatted, and then Luke and I had to jet because Luke was selling a pistol to local guy for some extra motorcycle money (he’s trying to raise some cash to buy a brand new one). Luke and I made a trip to United and Walmart after he sold his pistol, and like a dork, my phone fell out of my purse during the shopping trip (it wasn’t closed all the way, d’oh). Luckily some kind soul turned it into Walmart, and we were able to notice it before we took off for home! We came back with tons of fresh produce – I eat *a ton* of fruits and veggies, can’t-ya-tell? We also bought some chicken breast for dinner tonight and a nice pork tenderloin that I’m going to attempt to crock pot tomorrow.

For a quick pick-me-up while I was making dinner, I had my go-to snack of some raw carrots and cucumber with salt and dipped them in Pace Salsa, Fiesta Ranch, and Pine Nut Hummus. I’m trying to get over my “dipping” addiction (hah, that sounds so nasty) … I mean dipping my veggies into unreasonable amounts of hummus and dressing! That shit just so tasty though … however, the raw veg gave me a bit of a stomach ache, so ick! I had a Coke Zero to settle my tummy.

Dinner was some simply BBQ roasted chicken and broccoli, zucchini, and squash sauteed in a little EVOO, butter, and garlic with a splash of balsamic vinegar. A very filling dinner with lots of good protein! Yes, I just realized that I ate chicken twice today. No regrets.

In other news, my deer skull is coming along – I just need to paint the top of the head and the sides now. Painting is so soothing to me.

Alrighty, my friends, I’m off to digest with some hot mint green tea, paint on my deer skull,Β  clean up the apartment, and relax with the kitt-litts!

Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

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