Sickness, Smoothies, and Sandwiches

It’s Tuesday again! I had a *terrible* sleep last night – I felt sick as a dog! Waves of hot and cold were washing over me, and I thought the thermostat had been set to 78 or something ridiculously high … turns out it was at 67, and I was just feeling icky. I don’t know what brought on that bad sleep, but it wasn’t pleasant. Shit!

I caught Persephone merrily drinking from the toilet when I woke up. She seemed pretty satisfied with herself too, silly beast – she’s the one who chews on plastic and who knocks my paintbrushes to the floor and plays with them at 5 a.m. … oh Persephone.

This morning I had a protein smoothie. My mix was a scoop of Protein One vanilla protein powder, a cup of almond milk and a splash of OJ, a banana, some raspberries, and a heaping handful of spinach. I may start having smoothies more often in the morning as they fill me up with good nutrients, and they don’t leave me feeling too stuffed. I need to acquire more smoothie stuff for sure!

I just wasn’t hungry around lunchtime, so I skipped lunch. I don’t normally recommend this for myself, but hey, it is what it is. I had a bite of carrot and hummus, but my appetite just wasn’t there. I felt bloated from my eating yesterday … I ate much more than usual, and I was *really* feeling it today.

I *finally* finished my first deer skull around lunchtime too! I want to add a crown of flowers to it, and I may get a hair up my ass to repaint it completely (I’m wont to do such things), but in the meantime, I’m starting on my second one. It’s going to be black with mint, gold, and white.

Around 4:45, I wanted a snack, so I had some broccoli and cucumber with light Fiesta ranch, salsa, and hummus …

CAN WE TALK ABOUT MY GASTROINTESTINAL DISTRESS NOW? Shit, hell, damn it, my lunch of carrots and my little snack above didn’t sit too well with me. My stomach and guts were PISSED OFF, y’all. I spent most of the evening running to the bathroom and then slumped over in my chair with my mug of mint green tea, wishing to hell that I didn’t feel like complete shit, but here we are.

Around 7, I decided to try dinner, which was pretty simple. I had a pork tenderloin sandwich with Provolone cheese and spinach. BBQ for dipping.

Now I’m nursing my intestines and am going to bed soon. Night y’all!

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