Double Lifting + Fuddrucker’s

Howdy there! It’s SATURDAY, and my husband is off work!

Last night was rocky for me, y’all. I felt far too full after dinner, and I was tossing the idea of binging and purging around in my head. My thinking was along the lines of “well, I’ve eaten too much, so I might was well overeat and purge.” Thankfully, this did not come to pass, but it was a major battle. I’m glad I came out victorious. This eating disorder shit is seriously business, my friends. It’s a hard monster.

I started my day off with some Green Vibrance + OJ and a nice cup of Joe with stevia and almond coconut milk.

Breakfast was my usual medley of banana pumpkin oatmeal with granola and peanut butter. Yummy! Oatmeal is by far my favorite breakfast. Something about it is just so comforting to me, plus it fills me up without leaving me overly full and grumpy.

After I digested breakfast a bit, I headed to the gym and lifted for about 40 minutes while listening to the Manila Cast of Miss Saigon. Yes, I work out to show tunes, no regrets! It felt so stinkin’ good to get up and get my pump on this morning! I just *had* to take some gross post-workout selfies, so forgive my hair and puffy no-makeup face here. I’m just beyond thrilled with my progress (i.e. my body is not looking so stick-like and bony anymore), and I want to document myself every now and then to see how I’m advancing.

I had some hot mint green tea with stevia in my Yeti mug … I just LOVE my big ol’ workhorse mug, it keeps my tea either icy cold or piping hot nearly all day long.

Around 12:30, I simply heated up some leftover BBQ chicken and veggies with Toasted Sesame Ginger Sauce. Easy peasy lemon squeeze-y.

My little lunch wasn’t enough to hold me over for the afternoon, so I had a Chobani Flip yogurt in Chocolate Haze Craze with a small banana. Chocolate-y deliciousness, I tell ya, and it’s the perfect size for a snack.

Luke and I lifted weights for about 50 minutes (second time for me today, aww yiiis), and I needed a snack afterwards, so I had some raw carrots and broccoli with hummus and Sesame Ginger dressing.

Luke and I did something fun on this Saturday night and went to Fuddrucker’s for a hamburger. Fuddrucker’s is our go-to for a great buffalo burger. I ordered the Sam Addams Buffalo Burger with added New Mexico Green Chile and a side of onion rings and fries (they gave me a shit ton!). Luke ordered the Bourbon Burger with an Oreo Milkshake and onion rings. We ended up splitting the shake (they give you a giant tumbler of leftover milkshake that didn’t fit into the glass, so it’s essentially like having two).

This burger was GINORMOUS and DELICIOUS. I ate the entire thing (I didn’t finish off my fries and onion rings, far too much tasty food!). We definitely hogged out, but since we don’t eat out very often at all and strive mostly for healthier fare than this, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

I theoretically could have done without the milkshake and most of the onion rings and fries, but hell, it was fun to eat without worrying about health, portions, and calorie-count (I don’t count calories anyway, but I often like to know how many calories are in a meal at a restaurant, just to have a ballpark figure … no, I’m not one to ask a server, but if the restaurant has the calories on the menu, I usually choose a light option).

I am sufficiently STUFFED for tonight, so I’m going to watch Dead Files on Travel Channel and drink some soothing mint green tea (while battling the urge to purge … that’s a constant worry of mine, especially when I’m feeling stuffed). I am pretty exhausted tonight after two workouts, so I hope I can stay up to watch my show!

Back to healthy eating tomorrow! xoxo

~ Mandy




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