Weathering a Bipolar Low

I’m weathering a bipolar low today, y’all. It sucks ass. More on that below.

My kitties were out terrorizing the apartment – Calliope felt especially gleeful and was scratching away at Ye Olde Scratching Post. Drogo was digesting under his log (he’s getting so stinkin’ big!).

I was a bit groggy upon waking up so I quickly consumed two cups of coffee along with my mango-OJ and Green Vibrance. Gabapentin and Buspar on the side.

I didn’t want anything too filling this morning, so I scrambled two eggs in coconut oil with S+P, cut up a few strawberries, and toasted two pieces of Nature’s Own Honey Wheat with a scrape of butter and some Smucker’s Fruit and Honey Strawberry Jam. I haven’t had eggs for a while, so this was a nice change from my smoothies and oatmeal.

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