Mania + Motorcycles

Howdy! How are you doing today? I’m thinking of learning how to ride a motorcycle, y’all. I’d love to learn how to ride, have my own bike, and go on trips with my hubbers one day. Our good friend Josiah runs the local motorcycle class – he taught Luke how to ride – and I plan on taking the class where he’s my teacher. I’ll call him once I have a free weekend. Exciting stuff for me!

Yogurt parfait for breakfast! I had a Chobani Flip Pure Pear and Honey yogurt with a banana, some raspberries, a sprinkling of chia seeds, coconut shreds, almonds, and granola with a drizzle of honey. Coffee to drink.

I drove to the gym after breakfast, but I only stayed about 15 minutes … I was on the verge of an anxiety attack, so I had to come home for some extra Gabapentin – full blown anxiety attack was averted, thankfully! I drank an extra coffee around this time too, and it seemed to help; I didn’t have my usual apple around 10:30 either because I simply wasn’t hungry.

I became a wee bit manic after taking my extra Gabapentin – I call it being “zippy” – and my sloppy picture of lunch depicts my mania well. Usually I clean my utensils and clean up my plate before taking pictures of my meals, but I didn’t this time …

Lunch was a reprise of yesterday’s midday meal – I roasted broccoli, cauliflower, half of a baby avocado, and zucchini and served them with hummus, salsa, and ranch dressing; two eggs rounded out my meal as the protein! I ate them with some spicy mustard and S+P.

Luke took me to the gym around 1:00 p.m. … I needed to work out my mania, and we did just that! I felt *amazing-balls* after working out today. πŸ™‚ I worked myself out of that mania state, which was wonderful, and I topped myself by doing 330 lbs on the quad press.

(I asked Luke to snap a pic of me, so forgive the deer skull behind me, I look like I’m growing an antler out of my neck!)

Dinner was pretty simple tonight but it was *damn* delicious – I had a turkey taco salad. I browned some ground turkey with spices, added corn and black beans, and then I served it on a bed of romaine lettuce with some red bell pepper and cucumber. I topped the salad with some bacon cheese ranch dressing, mozzarella cheese, and some jalapeno Fritos. Talk about a delightful meal! (I admit that I added some salsa after snapping this pic.)

Tons of veggies were consumed today for sure! Yummy! I just love my veggies.

My dessert was a Pacific Rose apple with cinnamon, peanut butter, granola, and chocolate chips.

Now I’m off to clean up the apartment! (I may have a small coffee to keep my energy up.) I had a pretty good day, and I hope you did too! πŸ™‚

Question of the Day: Do you deal with mania and moods? If so, how do you cope?

~ Mandy




4 thoughts on “Mania + Motorcycles

  1. Hey girl! I so love this! All this food looks so YUM! I always get so many amazing ideas from you! Girl, those MUSCLES! Inspiring, for real. Annnd I might need that “Nope” tshirt. Hahha. Where is that from?!


    1. Ahh I totally forgot to answer the question. But YES.. The moods are real. I don’t have mania per say, well not diagnosed. But I have horrible anxiety. This new job I have is sparking some serious attacks and so that’s the main thing I’m trying to get under control right now. Thank you for opening up the convo about that.


      1. Hey Mackenzie! The Nope shirt is from Target, ha! I love it! I hope your anxiety from the new job subsides soon, anxiety totally stinks! Thank you for your reply, lady! Have a great day, my friend!

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