A Change of Pace

Howdy there! How are you today? I haven’t been working out lately, and I need to change that … my mood has been lower for some reason, and I just haven’t had the drive to hit the gym. I’ve also been struggling with my eating disordered mind lately – a part of me wants to stay well, and another part wants to be sick again. I’m trying to fight against the negative part and stay on track. It’s a battle, y’all.

So I made a list of reasons not to purge to remind myself of why I’m on this journey:

  • Healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • Feeling full and satisfied
  • Avoiding physical issues such as chest pain and a torn esophagus
  • Not having the guilt of purging hanging over my head
  • Not feeling *cold* and clammy all of the time
  • Muscles rebuilt with protein and healthy food (I want muscles)
  • Regularity in my bowel movements
  • My mental health is so much better when I do not purge
  • Healthy, happy life!

I tried a hair mask this morning. My mix was an egg, olive oil, and coconut oil. My hair was so soft after I washed and dried it! This hair mask will definitely have to become part of my routine. πŸ™‚

This morning for breakfast, I had two scrambled eggs with S+P, half of a baby avocado, and two pieces of Dave’s Killer Bread with butter and some black raspberry jam. Pineapple OJ and coffee (sans creamer) to drink. An easy meal that’s slowly becoming my regular morning plate instead of oatmeal.

Lunch was good ol’ chicken and veggies! I had S+P sprinkled chicken dipped in egg and rolled in Panko breadcrumbs, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, parsley, and basil and baked at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. The veggies were a medley of seasoned carrot, squash, asparagus, broccoli, and red bell pepper, all splashed with EVOO. BBQ sauce for dipping! Lunch was rather large for me, and I’m going to tone it down a bit tomorrow, but I did fine with it -I’m still trying to up my protein game, and this plate of food delivered in spades.

I snapped this pic of Luke and Caprica the other day … that cat just loves her daddy!

Dinner was a simple ol’ apple. No cinnamon, no nothing … just a Pacific Rose apple.

Persephone was in the lap of luxury tonight … if you’ve ever wondered what the picture of complete contentment is, you’ve come to the right blog!

Now I’m drinking tea and watching Expedition Unknown … hope you had a nice day! πŸ™‚

~ Mandy


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