My Nutritional Plan

I received a nutrition plan from Luke’s friend Sam who works at our local Total Nutrition. He’s also making me a workout plan.

Here it is:

For snacks, I can have anything with protein in it, not just protein powder, and I can switch up my protein and veggies if so desired. This plan is just a really good guideline for me. This is a ton of food for my shriveled little stomach, but Luke and Sam promised me that my system will get used to it. I can technically tailor this plan to fit my smaller stomach, so I may deviate a little bit, but the principle will remain the same – more protein, some carbs, some veggies.

Breakfast – 8:00

Breakfast was difficult for me this morning because I usually don’t eat breakfast at all and wasn’t too hungry … but I pushed through it and ultimately enjoyed a mix of 1/2 C of Quaker Oats, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, pumpkin, salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla with a spoonful of PB. I also had a boiled egg on the side for my protein. Next time I may save my egg for my first snack … this breakfast left me very full!

Snack #1 – 10:45

Sweet and spicy tuna with celery sticks. I’ll be honest here – I only ate one celery stick and saved the rest for later as I was still very full from breakfast. At least the tuna tasted great! Again, I think I’ll save my breakfast egg for my first protein snack.

Lunch -12:30

I had a portion of BBQ roasted chicken and half a cup of rice for lunch.

Workout – 1:00

Luke and I went to our newly renovated Planet Fitness and were truly impressed by what we saw! We did arms and chest today for about an hour … back again tomorrow!

Snack #2 – 3:00

I truly was hungry after my session at the gym, so I ate the rest of my spicy tuna with some cucumbers, cauliflower, and hummus.

I also had a few bites of chicken with BBQ sauce:

I also had an un-pictured palm-full of almonds and a small apple.

Dinner – 7:30

I wasn’t feeling dinner, to be honest, so I simply had a hamburger with Gouda cheese and spinach on a potato roll.

Alrighty, that’s my spiel for today! I ate a TON of me today, and I think I’ll have to modify my diet a bit tomorrow.

Later gator,

~ Mandy



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