I Hit 120 LBS + A Great Workout + On Meal Pics

I ate three slices of sourdough bread with butter for breakfast this morning, y’all. I don’t know why, but my body was craving bread, so I ate it. It was a weird breakfast,  but that’s okay. My body needed the calories and the carbs, I suppose.

One a random note, here’s a cat licking it’s asshole on a very rainy day. Enjoy.

Anyway, fueling my body is like fueling a car, I think – you don’t put only $5 of gas in a car and expect to get far, and that’s the same with eating. If you starve yourself, you’re not going to have much energy or be healthy or feel well at all (I know the feeling well). But you also don’t have to put $50 of gas in your car either if you want to be frugal. You can put in $25 (I drive a Kia Optima, so that’s about half a tank or a little more for me), and you can get pretty damn far before having to fill up again. Moderation is important in eating (sez I who ate 3 slices of bread with butter for breakfast this morning), and fueling your body is pretty damn similar to filling up a car.

This morning I definitely fueled up a little too much, ha. But that’s fine. Sometimes it’s good to eat a little bit more if you’re trying to gain weight like I am.

I’m also slowly realizing that I get hungrier at night, especially before bed. I need a snack or something before sleeping, and last night I ate a piece of cornbread casserole with deer meat filling as a nighttime chaser. I definitely don’t post everything I eat on this blog as I’ve often just published a post at night and then need a snack.

I allowed myself to weigh today, and I’m at 120 lbs. I’ve gained 10 pounds in about a week, y’all (I was dehydrated at 110, I think, and now that I’m properly hydrated and eating well, I’m gaining). I have a-ways to go, but I’m feeling great. I had Luke snap a picture so I could compare myself to how I looked at 110. Definitely not as bony.

We had a fabulous workout today despite a very rainy and flooded drive to the gym (seriously, it was bad), and of course, I made Luke take a few commemorative pics of me looking totally like an asshole while working out, but hell, I’ll share them anyway. We’ve started doing more machines and have been doing 4 sets instead of 3. I was very tired after our workout but in a good way, not an exhausted way. I came home and ate some baked chicken and rice to refuel. A coffee was also consumed.

As a side note, I think I’ll continue to document my meals on here despite it being a pain in the ass sometimes. Had I decided to document my meals today, I wouldn’t have eaten 3 slices of bread with butter for breakfast, and that’s bothering me. I need to feel in control somehow – it’s just part of the disorder I have – and I think carefully thinking about my eats each day and photographing them will help fulfill that need.

Hope tomorrow is as bright a day as today was!

~ Mandy

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