FriYay Leg Day

Howdy there and Happy Friday to you! How are you doing today?

I’m doing well today. 🙂 My bipolar and my panic attacks seem to be well-managed, and I have ENERGY again after my med switch.


This morning I scrambled three eggs with S+P and topped them with three slices of bacon and salsa. I also had a piece of honey whole wheat toast with butter and raspberry jam. Coffee to drink.


I needed a small snack this morning, so I had some baby carrots with Sriracha ranch.

After my snack, I went to Target for a few items and nabbed a simple gray $5 clearance dress that I just adore! SCORE! It’s long enough to cover my bum and my upper legs, which always makes me happy.


I love the recipe for Honey Soy Chicken, so I marinated some this morning to have for lunch. I baked it and steamed some yellow squash, carrots, and some giant Brussels sprouts. I topped my mashup with some honey mustard dressing and utterly enjoyed my lunch. 😉


Today we did legs! Man oh man, my butt and upper legs were like jello after our workout …. so happy to have gone! 🙂 Lifting weights truly makes me feel better about myself, so damn empowering.


After our workout, I had an Envy apple with cinnamon. Oh my, it tasted so yummy and refreshing!

I also had some balsamic roasted cauliflower with honey mustard dressing – just a little snick snack. What can I say except I love me some veggies.


I became quite depressed around dinnertime, so I heated up some butternut squash and drizzled it with S+P and ketchup, and I made half of a ham sandwich (cheddar cheese, Boar’s Head ham, arugula and spinach, and some honey mustard on whole wheat toast).

Alrighty, that’s my spiel for today – here’s to a happy tomorrow!

~ Mandy


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