Turkey Day + Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! How are you doing today? I hope you’re having a happy Turkey Day! 🙂

Today I’m grateful for many things, but here’s a small list ….

  • My dear husband Luke, who works so hard for us and who is going back to school so we can have a better life. He’s my rock, my love, my twin flame. I’d be lost without this man, I tell you what!
  • My Mom and my sister, Jenny, who support me unconditionally during the rough times and who love me during the good times!
  • Our kitties – Calliope, Persephone, and Caprica – and Drogo the Ball Python … they love me relentlessly and always want cuddles (even the slithery kind!).
  • Our little apartment – it definitely feels like home, and I’m so grateful for that fact as I’ve lived places that don’t feel like home, and it’s miserable.
  • My in-laws … they’re such supportive people who are always there for us.
  • My health. I haven’t treated my body correctly for years, and now I’m happily on my way to being healthier and happier in my eating and with my workouts.
  • My sobriety. It’s so wonderful to be sober, y’all, and I wouldn’t trade the feeling for the world – truth.
  • My doctors and my medications that keep me stable and as happy as possible (it’s a challenge at times, but hey, life is all about challenges).
  • And last but surely not least … I’m thankful for God and His many blessings.

I am one lucky girl and have so much to be thankful for that it’s ridiculous.

Alrighty, onto my eats for the day ~


I had my usual fresh fruit cup with some sugar around 7:45 as a start to breakfast – the pic is a little blurry, so I do apologize! It’s that early morning haze a moi.

And because I was in a fruity mood, I soon had a small Envy apple with organic crunchy PB. Yum-O, this really filled me up! PB and fruit is LIFE. Coffee to drink, naturally. 😉


Around 10:30, I was feeling snacky, so I had some baby carrots with salt with hummus and light Fiesta Ranch. I just ADORE carrots, y’all – so sweet and crunchy, especially with a little salt. Probably my favorite vegetable, with broccoli as a close second.


I ate some steamed carrots, broccoli, and red bell pepper with added S+P and a drizzle of Fiesta ranch at 12, and the veg truly filled me up for a while. Gosh, I just love vegetables, roasted, steamed, raw …


For my snack today around 2:30, I had half of a United-homemade jalapeno cheddar bagel with Boar’s Head ham, Boar’s Head Vermont cheddar, honey mustard, and a few organic greens. This was a rather large snack for me, but I needed something besides fruit and veg in my system. 😉

I also had a Chobani Flip yogurt in Salted Caramel Crunch at 4 …

… and around 5, I was craving something sweet, and that pecan pie was calling my name, so I had a slice with whipped cream. YUM!


More fruit for dinner …

… and then some deer lasagna!

I admit, I’m still exhausted from my panic attack last Saturday and Sunday … I was dog-tired all day today! I’m looking forward to bed for sure … here’s to a Happy and low key Thanksgiving for us! I ate a bit more than usual today, but hey, that’s okay.

Hope you’ve had a good one! 🙂

~  Mandy

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