Tummy Aches and Deer Casseroles

Hello there! How are you doing today?

The cats were very busy this morning – Calliope was kneading my blankets …

Persephone was rolling on the floor for pets as I made coffee …And Caprica, well, as you can see, she was *very* comfortable snuggling with my hubby under the covers this morning!Today I woke up with a major tummy ache – it wasn’t pleasant, so I wasn’t hungry until much later than usual.


I had a cup of pumpkin banana oatmeal this morning around 9 – a smaller portion than usual – with PB, granola, and honey. It was delish, but my stomach was still not very happy, boo!

I ended up taking Pepto Bismol because of my stomach pain – yuck! 😦


I started off with a small Envy apple with Tajin around 11 as I was getting munchy.

Around 12, I roasted some carrots and broccoli with lemon pepper and salt and ate them with some salted baby heirloom tomatoes, hummus, and Fiesta Ranch (the tomatoes are at the bottom, so you can’t see them).

This is where my stomach really started to act dicey – the cramps began with a vengeance, so I took more Pepto and drank some tea … I admit that having a Sprite was on my mind at this point, but I was out of Sprite, so I had to wait. I don’t know if my lunch was too acidic or what for my tummy, but it’s been over-producing acid, and the acidity of salad dressing and such might have agitated my stomach.

Around 2, I made a deer enchilada casserole. I should really post the recipe, but it’s basically your average enchilada recipe with deer meat used instead of ground beef – it’s also got fresh Hatch chilies, onion, red bell pepper, Farmer’s Market corn, black beans, cheese, seasoning, corn tortillas, and green enchilada sauce in it as well … a pretty standard recipe.


I had a kombucha around 4 this afternoon in hopes that the probiotics in it might help my stomach. My tummy was still not feeling great, after all.

I finally caved, went to Pak-a-Sak, and got a diet Sprite with fresh lemon and lime.

I decided to have a small snack, so deer sausage, crackers, Gouda cheese, and pepper jelly were on my radar around 4:30.


I had a bowl of deer enchilada casserole with light sour cream and salsa for dinner. It was good, but I should have doubled up the corn tortillas as they sorta fell apart amid all the meat mixture.

Hope you have a Happy Thursday!

~ Mandy

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