The Day Which Turned into a Sick Day

Howdy and Happy Saturday! I have a question – does this blog actually *help* anyone else struggling with eating disorders and/or bipolar disorder? I’m curious to see if anyone answers! I write here to share my own experiences, good and bad, and my one hope is that my musings here are helping someone else out there in this big ol’ world.

Here’s something new – I had my husband put our scale up in his safe for a while so I wouldn’t worry so much about my weight (I used to weigh daily). So far, it’s working! I’m not fretting so much over a silly number, so I’m very glad that I made that decision. I want to gain about 10 – 15 lbs of muscle weight, y’all, and I don’t want my old ED-behavior of weighing myself incessantly to surface while I’m doing so … it’s so much easier to not fret when I don’t have that damn scale around to upset me. I’m finding that I’m not worried about my weight going up without it, so huzzah!

Today turned out to the quite the interesting day regarding my stomach and nausea. I woke up feeling fine and even did sit ups. I ate well until after lunchtime, as you shall see, but then I got nausea and a terrible headache! But without further adieu, onto my eats for the day.


I started off my morning well with a small opal apple and a smear of white chocolate peanut butter with some coffee, stevia, and cashew milk. I needed something in my tummy around 7:15 a.m. so I snacked on something simple.

Around 8:30, I made my actual breakfast. I scrambled three brown eggs with S+P and about a tablespoon of sharp cheddar cheese, microwaved three pieces of turkey bacon, and toasted up some Ezekiel bread and spread it with some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and a bit of triple berry jam. I was craving protein, so protein I had!

Oh my, this was a tasty, hearty breakfast! Very filling! After that, I sipped on water with Strawberry Lemonade Crystal Light in it … O.M.G. y’all. Talk about a tasty way to get your water in – Crystal Light has zero calories but it tastes so bad for you!

I ate lunch around noon, and I was craving a nice salad with some roasted veggies. I roasted broccoli, a big carrot, half of a baby avocado, and some Brussels Sprouts with a bit of honey teriyaki marinade and then placed them on a bed of spinach and topped with about a palm sized portion of chicken breast. I drizzled a bit more honey teriyaki on top and enjoyed. I made it through the chicken and most of the veggies, but I left the avocado and the spinach … I was just super full!

I felt randomly nauseous about half an hour after lunch, so I took some Tums and drank more water. I had periods where I become nauseous after eating, and I’m not exactly sure why that is! I stayed in bed from about 12:30 to 3 and tried not to throw up. 😦

For obvious reasons, I didn’t get a workout in today – Luke had a school project where he needed to meet up with a group today also, plus it’s only 30 freezing degrees out, so poop. I did some sit ups this morning, so that counts for something, I suppose.


Around 3:30, I decided to test the waters of my stomach and tried a small mug of hot chicken broth and about 7 saltines.

No bueno. I went back to bed immediately after eating this snack.

Around 5, I tried a mango passion fruit kombucha to see if some probiotics wouldn’t help my stomach.

This particular brand of kombucha is new to me, and I’m really not a fan, but I drank it anyway in an attempt to make my tummy feel better.


I tried a Siggi’s coconut yogurt with honey and blueberries to start dinner. The yogurt actually did make my tummy feel a little better!

… and then this happened: Pizza Hut.

I ate a slice of pizza and two cheese sticks before deciding that I was full. I also had a Diet Sprite courtesy of my hubs.

Pizza isn’t something that I typically eat, but hey, it’s Saturday, I’m feeling shitty, and so we got pizza.

Now I’m off to take a hot bath and to watch The Dead Files on Travel Channel. Hope you’ve had a good day! I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow. 🙂

~ Mandy



2 thoughts on “The Day Which Turned into a Sick Day

  1. i have now JUST found your blog, and it brings me so much hope. keep fighting, keep writing, because i’m so excited to follow your journey💙💙. i am in recovery too, and i’m sending you all the strength in the world.


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