Arm Day + Kitty Shenanigans

Hello there! How are you doing today?

The three kitt lits were very busy this morning with banging and crashing … naturally when I got up, I found them in repose, no cares in the world, acting as if nothing had happened.


I had some hot banana pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast this morning, huzzah! I love me some oatmeal, y’all. My mix was about 1/2 C of Quaker Oats, 1 C of cashew milk, 1 tbsp chia seeds, a banana, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla with pumpkin stirred in at the end. I added some chocolate protein granola and a spoonful of white chocolate PB as toppers. Yum, yum! This hearty and delicious breakfast made me resist the leftover pizza.

I felt great after breakfast, so I did a shit-ton of sit ups. I’m really trying to get my core looking stronger. I had a hysterectomy back in 2011, and along with my bad ED, my abs were completely shot. Now I’m feeling and seeing a difference for sure – my core is getting thicker and more muscular.

I must say that after years and years of being eating disordered, this is a HUGE change for my perspective about my body. My body is meant to be STRONG and thicker, not super skinny. It’s not an *easy* transition to watch as I’m used to seeing skin and bones, and yes, I still have thoughts that say “you’re getting fat” or “you should throw up your meal” … but I’m not giving into them! I’m so proud that I’m pushing past my ED behaviors and am seeing my body in a new, stronger light, slowly but surely.


I wanted some veggies today around noon, as usual, so I roasted broccoli, carrot, and Brussels sprouts with EVOO, S+P, and some garlic powder. I made a nice salad with some spinach and added a palmful of rotisserie turkey to the mix (Calliope tried to eat my turkey and managed to throw some on the floor – damn cat!). I topped my salad with some hummus, salsa, and Whataburger Jalapeno Ranch Dressing (it’s a guilty pleasure). This picture looks so messy and gigantic, but I promise it’s tasty and a good portion for me.


Around 3, I wanted an opal apple with Tajin Seasoning. Yummers.

Right after my snack, Luke wanted to go to the gym and do arms, so we did just that! Luke said my triceps and my butt are already looking better, so yay!

My arms were *so wobbly* after this workout …. like jello.

After our workout, I made a protein shake and split it with Luke – it had Protein One vanilla protein powder, strawberries, blueberries, milk, and ice in it.


Tonight I had half of a small spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce, chicken, and two leftover bread sticks from Pizza Hut. The bread sticks really filled me up (and truth be told, not feeling all that great), so I ate about 1/4 of the spaghetti squash and chicken.

Now I’m watching Travel Channel and chilling with my hubs … hope you had a good day! 🙂

~ Mandy

5 thoughts on “Arm Day + Kitty Shenanigans

  1. Hey, girl! Long time, no chat!!! Sorry I have been so MIA. So glad to see this post. Those oats sound PHENOMENAL. I need to try them. I have been on an oatmeal kick as well. It’s a great reminder that we are supposed to be STRONG. Thank you for always being so real ❤


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