Intuitive Eating + It’s Damn COLD Out!

Howdy there! How are you doing today? It’s 8 degrees out, yay! (Not really, I despise the cold with a passion … I am the girl who sleeps cuddled up in a nightgown, bathrobe, and fuzzy socks at night – very sexy, I know!)

Eating Disorder Discussion and Intuitive Eating

My eating habits are similar to this particular day in general – as you see, I eat a ton in the mornings, have a goodly lunch and then I snick-snack more throughout the afternoon and evening unless I’m really hungry and need an actual meal. I also try to plan my meals ahead of time – not *too much ahead of time* but I like to start thinking about what I’m having for lunch soon after I’ve had breakfast, and so on. Yes, I probably think about food more than the average person, but that’s okay – it’s a remnant of my old eating disordered behaviors, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing at this point. See, if Luke and I plan on having a bigger meal for dinner (such as fried venison with homemade gravy, a steak, fish with veggies, going out to eat, etc.), I try to eat less during the day. Usually I just follow my instincts and my stomach when it comes to intuitive eating (I’m becoming an intuitive eater and truly believe in it!).

Mood Today

I was much more stable today than I was yesterday, thank goodness. No mania, just a touch of depression in the early afternoon. My moods did pretty well today, so I count that as a win!


I started my day off with an opal apple … no PB or Tajin on it, just a good ol’ apple. I needed something in my stomach soon after I woke up, and that was just the ticket.

And then about an hour later, I made banana pumpkin oatmeal with protein granola and a maple syrup drizzle (no almond butter today b/c we were out of it, poop!). But I must say that I didn’t really *miss* my usual nut butter today. In fact, maple syrup was a nice change for me, so I may forgo nut butters more often in the future on my oatmeal. Oatmeal is a bit of a calorie bomb even without it (especially the way I fix my oatmeal), but I do love me some hot oats on a chilly-ass day.

I had a very productive morning despite the chill in the air – I picked up my meds, went to Whataburger with Luke to get him some breakfast, and we also dropped off our tax info to the accountant. Then we ran to United to grab a few things like chicken breasts and yogurt (I wanted chicken for my lunch).

While I made lunch, Luke and Caprica snuggled. 🙂


I tried a Parmesan-covered chicken breast from United today – I baked it along with Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and carrots and placed them all on a bed of spinach. I drizzled some jalapeno ranch over the veggies and a bit of messy and clumpy BBQ on the chicken. 😉 That Parmesan chicken, y’all – SO GOOD. A very filling and satisfying meal indeed … so filling that I had no interest in a snack this afternoon at all.

After lunch, Luke and I chilled out (Luke took a nap), and then I braved the cold once again to hit up Walmart for some essentials.

Workout + Adjusting to My Body Changing

Today at 4, Luke and I hit up Verdure (our swanky new gym next to the apartment) to do CHEST DAY! We were there about 45 minutes (Luke is working out again with a friend tonight, so he took it a slight bit easier than usual … I, on the other hand, did not take it easy!), and we had a great workout.

I have to admit, I was just in a “so so” mood until we hit the gym – I think I was getting tired or something (I’d been running around all day), but the gym cured what ailed me. That’s why I go, y’all. It’s helping cure my issues, building up my body, mind, and soul.

As you can see in my pics above, my stomach area is getting much thicker from the front where my abs are but not from the side. I’m still *adjusting* to this development, and sometimes it’s not easy to look in the mirror, especially after I’ve eaten a big meal (see: my lunch). That’s just part of it, I suppose, but I need to keep my eyes on the prize and not fret over my fading body dysmorphia. Yes, it still rears it’s ugly head from time to time, and I still cry over my body on rare occasions, but it’s slowly dying away, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

After the gym, I had a cup of coconut pineapple water. Yum! I sure needed that! 😉


I was more “snacky” and thirsty than truly hungry for dinner, so here’s what I had:

Some sticks of celery and a few pretzels with hummus and salsa …

… I also had a most refreshing kombucha which I sipped on for about an hour while watching Expedition Unknown …… and then I had a giant mug of Cinnamon Orange tea from Seattle with a touch of stevia. I just wasn’t very hungry at all – in fact, I had a tummy ache and took a few tums to see if they wouldn’t help. I blame my gigantic, protein-filled lunch (I practically ate the entire chicken breast, y’all). This tasty tea soothed my achy stomach and was such a treat!

I’m going to try something new, as you might have noticed today, and post in the mornings as an effort to reach out to more readers! So this post was technically yesterday’s evening post. I just want to expand my readership if I can … not really sure how except to just write, take pics, and share my experiences … and I’m on BlogLovin’ … any ideas about how to reach out to more readers, y’all?

~ Mandy



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