Getting Back on Track

Hello, hello! How are you doing today? We had a weekend full of tasty food and lounging, so it’s time to get back on track!

I *adore* this time change, y’all. It means that spring is on the way, and my schedule doesn’t get so confused compared to the winter time change (meds and all that, ya know).

Calliope was up and about this morning, scratching at the new scratching post. She’s such a sweetie.


I had two over-easy eggs with salsa, three slices of bacon, and some mixed fruit with sugar this morning at about 9. Coffee to drink.


I roasted some carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and red bell pepper with EVOO and S+P, and I drizzled on a little spicy jalapeno ranch. I also had the breast of a rotisserie chicken that I had in the fridge (it was pretty dry, but that’s okay) with some BBQ sauce for dipping. Easy peasy lunch around 12:30.


Well, our workout wasn’t great today – we did arms, but Luke and I were immediately in a bad mood upon arrival because Verdure was PACKED with high school and college aged kids on their phones, sitting on the machines (that we wanted to use), just talking on the phone and texting away, no exercising at all. I guess that’s just part of Spring Break, but still … so annoying! So here’s a pic of me looking annoyed AF (because I was totally over it).

But that’s okay – we went and we did something, after all. Better than nothing! Perhaps tomorrow will be less stupid.


I had an opal apple with Tajin as a snack today …


I started dinner off with half of a bag of bagged Dole Caesar salad kit around 5 since I was getting hungry and needed a little something-something, and it was very tasty!

And around 6:30, I had a Boar’s Head ham and American cheese sandwich with pickles and honey mustard on a Hawaiian bun. Nothing too inventive, but it was good.

Talk about a full day of good eats and exercise! I had a great day, and I hope you did too … here’s hoping that the gym won’t be so shitty tomorrow. 😉

Take care,

~ Mandy

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