On Gym Judgement

Hello there! How are you doing today? I was MANIC AF last night, and then I had a massive mood swing and became depressed. It was ROUGH. Being bipolar really sucks sometimes!


I wanted something comforting for breakfast as I had a hard night last night, and banana pumpkin oatmeal sounded amazing-balls. I made a batch and enjoyed it thoroughly! The PB and the granola toppings made it delish!

Workout #1

I did 35 minutes on the elliptical today and 15 minutes walking at 4.0 mph. All in all, a good workout (despite having to use the bathroom like 3 times during it). I snapped a pic of myself (forgive our dirty bathroom mirror, I’m totally on it!) after my workout to show how I look on a typical morning BEFORE my shower. Yes, I look a little tired and grungy, but that’s because I AM! 🙂

And this is what I look like AFTER I’m all cleaned up and dressed today:

I look so much better after I’ve put on my makeup and done my hair … but that’s the beauty of the gym – nobody cares what you look like because they’re busy focusing on themselves, not you. And you should focus on YOURSELF too! 🙂 “Gym judgement” be damned, it’s truly not something to worry about, if you ask my opinion.

Gym time is therapy time for me … the gym sees two versions of me during the day typically – I go in the morning to do cardio before my shower and makeup (I wear extra deodorant!), and then I go in the afternoons to weight lift with my hubby looking much more put together. But again, nobody cares what you look like at the gym! You’re just there to better yourself, nothing more, and it’s nobody’s business what you look like! I used to worry about “gym judgement” but now I don’t, and there’s no reason to do so!


I was in a very veggie-mood today, so I roasted some red bell pepper, carrots, and Brussels sprouts with S+P, EVOO, and garlic powder for lunch. I also boiled three eggs and heated 4 slices of turkey bacon. I topped my mix with some honey mustard sauce.

Delicious and filling! Yum! (And the kitt lits were BADGERING ME the entire time I was eating …. they wanted butt-pets!)

Speaking of kitt lits, I forced Luke to pick up Persephone (who was sound asleep on the couch) and hold her so I could get a good picture of him and his muscles. 😉 I don’t take nearly enough pics of Luke, and I’d like to change that!

For reference, this is how my man used to look back in the day (he probably weighs about 140-145 lbs in this pic).

After lunch, I got out the scale and weighed myself – I’m at 133 lbs (with food and fluids in my belly), and I’m completely satisfied with that number. 😉

Workout #2

Luke and I hit the gym up again to do chest day – we stayed about 40 minutes before Luke had to head home to get ready for work, but we got a great workout in. I lifted 50 lbs on the chest machine below, and I was impressed with myself as I usually just do 40 lbs. I also did 15 lbs on a few of the cables (not too terribly many, as I tend to stay around 10 lbs, but hey, improvement is improvement).

Upon returning home, we noticed that snakey-poo Drogo was out and chilling on his log … he may be hungry again although we just fed him on Monday! I think we’ll get him another mouse tomorrow.


Around 4, I broke out a Synergy kombucha in Trilogy …

I also had some cucs with Hickory Smoked tuna and honey mustard. Easy peasy.

I also tried something new-to-me: Halo Top ice cream in chocolate chip cookie dough. I just had a small taste, but man oh man, it was GOOD! A definite keeper – a nice alternative to ice cream.


I started dinner off with an opal apple, PB, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I was pretty snacky, after all, and needed a little something-something. This apple hit the spot and felt decadent with the PB and spices.

Later on, I baked a chicken breast with BBQ, some zucchini, broccoli, and asparagus, and I made a nice green salad with some quinoa and brown and red rice blend with flaxseed. I topped my salad with the veg and chicken and drizzled on some jalapeno ranch.

Ok y’all, this was a GIGANTIC dinner selection. Delicious, but gigantic. I probably shouldn’t have eaten it all, but I did!

Tomorrow I plan to resume my cutting adventures for sure – I took the day off today, which is fine, but if I want results, I need to stick with it! So cheers to that!

Hope you had a FABULOUS day! I’m just chilling now, cleaning up the apartment, and watching Josh Gates’ Destination Truth.

~ Mandy

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