A Day of Self Care

Hello there, Happy Saturday, and Happy September! πŸ™‚ My husband doesn’t have school today, but he does have to work, boo.

The kitt lits say “howdy” – I missed them so much! They remembered me almost immediately once I came home – well, Persephone was a little skittish, but she warmed up to me the next morning while I was making coffee.

As a side note, I experienced EXTREME jet lag coming from Seattle to Central time, and I was just utterly exhausted on Friday. 😦  I had the *desire* to start weightlifting, but my body was so tired that I simply couldn’t get with the program today, which is perfectly fine – hopefully today I’ll have the energy to get my pump on.

I also had my psychiatrist yesterday morning at 10, and he agrees with all of my med changes, which is just so reassuring and so amazing. πŸ™‚ He also said that I look *so much better* than when he last saw me, so that’s always a plus!

After my psych appointment yesterday, I promptly came home and fell asleep for about three hours … jet lag is a BITCH!

In fashionable news, I was excited to FINALLY find Anthropologie’s discontinued De Chelly dress this morning for $40 (it was originally $168!) with free shipping on eBay in MY SIZE! I’ve been searching for this dress FOR YEARS (I used to own it, but I outgrew it), and I truly regret selling it. But now I get a new one! πŸ™‚I also tried out a new eye shadow palette that one of my friends at residential wore and I just adored -it’s Maybelline’s Lemonade Craze, and it’s super fun! Different from anything I’ve ever worn, but I think I’m in love.

I watched a makeup tutorial on it today, so I have some great new ideas to try! It’s so bright and cheerful and will transition into fall very well if you ask me. Self care is very important in eating disorder recovery, and I’m trying to pamper myself a little bit. (Yes, forgive my massive Canon in the pic – my hubs wasn’t around to take pics, and I hate asking him anyway, so there ya go.)

On an ED related note, we MUST remember to give ourselves GRACE, GRATEFULNESS, and GIVE HONOR TO OURSELVES BY OUR VERY PRESENCE.Β 

I compiled a little list (it’s surely not full, after all, as we enjoy different things), but I hope this will help someone out there!

Here are Some Examples of self care and pleasant activities:

  1. Relaxing
  2. Listening to Music
  3. Laughing
  4. Spending an evening with friends
  5. Having a quiet evening
  6. Singing around the house
  7. Having a day with nothing to do
  8. Doing something spontaneous
  9. Sleeping
  10. Thinking about buying things (even if it’s just window shopping)
  11. Making a gift for someone
  12. Getting a manicure/pedicure
  13. Dressing up
  14. Taking a hot shower or bath
  15. Figuring out your favorite scent
  16. Texting somebody
  17. Looking at the moon, stars, or sunrise
  18. Getting a haircut


On an unrelated note, I FINALLY got new Tragus and Helix jewelry after 8 weeks of waiting for my piercings to heal. Goodbye, old nasty Tragus surgical steel bar that stuck out of my ear for many moons, and hello to a cute new small diamond bar! My helix is now a small hoop with some teeny gold beads on it. Plus I switched out my nose circlet for a stud – keeping that in for 35+ days was a LONG time, and I wanted something new when I got home, so I changed into an opal stud.

But moving on – I’m going to start sharing pictures of some of my meals on this blog and of my workouts … I hope this won’t be triggering for anyone reading, but I feel it’s an important part of my life, and I want to share. My intention is *not* to be triggering but rather show what I’ve learned in treatment about nutrition and meal planning here, so I do believe I’m going to share.

So let’s give it a try, shall we? (I didn’t document my earlier meals, but I’ll do my best with the rest of the day!) I’ll try to keep up with documenting my meals throughout the day as it IS therapeutic for me, but today it just wasn’t happening since I was so exhausted. (FYI: These were my eats from Friday.)


I had 2/3 C oatmeal with soy milk, 1 banana, cinnamon, and honey.

Morning Snack

I accidentally skipped it because I was in bed asleep. Oops. 😦

Lunch was 2/3 C Greek yogurt with 1 1/4 C strawberries. Easy peasy.

Afternoon Snack

I wasn’t too hungry for my scheduled afternoon snack after sleeping so much, so I simply had milk tea with honey and cinnamon in my “Crazy Cat Lady” mug. Why yes, I AM a crazy cat lady, ha!

Late Snack

BUT since I skipped my afternoon snack, I was getting hungry by the time 5 rolled around, so I made myself a banana, 1 C strawberries, and 2 tbsp Cool Whip. I heated the fruit up so it was nice and warm – Cool Whip tastes so much better on hot fruit!


So my tummy was *super upset* tonight …. I knew I needed to eat dinner, but I didn’t want to overload myself with food with my tummy ache, so I made banana oats again, the only thing that sounded even *remotely decent.” I had 2/3 C oatmeal, 1 banana, a drizzle of honey, and 2 tsp of brown sugar. Yes, I realize that I had oatmeal twice in one day and not a vegetable in sight, but I was just not feeling well mentally and physically, so I stuck with something easy.

My exchanges and food choices were not exactly ideal on Friday, but I hope I’ll feel better today and can implement more of my exchanges (I’ll touch on my nutritional plan another time, perhaps tomorrow or the next day).

I also have a question – do you think more readers would read my blog if I posted in the mornings? That seems to be the time on Bloglovin‘ when most blogs post, not late at night. I may give it a try! πŸ™‚

Take care of yourself my dears,

~ Mandy


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