All Foods Fit Philosophy + Daily Food Log

Howdy y’all! How are you today? I’m doing just fabulously.

In fact, I felt downright LOVELY in my Free People dress and jeans ~But onto a more serious topic: today I want to talk about the All Foods Fit Philosophy. The All Foods Fit nutrition philosophy means that all foods, in moderation and balance and with variety, have a place in a meal plan.

Moderation means eating various amounts of food without going to extremes of either too much or too little. This does not mean elimination of any food type.

  • Consuming portion sizes of food …what does this mean for me? I CAN EAT ANYTHING I CHOOSE IN MODERATION. I no longer have “safe” foods or “bad” foods in my life.

For instance, I used to fear oatmeal for breakfast, so I’d either eat a giant bowl and vomit it up or simply not eat breakfast. As you can see from my meals today, that has changed drastically. I look at exchanges from Center for Discovery – they gave me the little booklet that we always used to cook our food, and the nutritionist also gave me some blank planning sheets.

Examples of fat and fruit exchanges …. I’m at the point where I’m pretty good at eyeballing my exchanges – such as knowing 2 tsp of PB equals one fat, and the ultimate goal here is to learn intuitive eating, which I’m picking up surprisingly quickly! πŸ™‚


I had 2/3 C of oatmeal cooked in milk and topped with a banana and about 2 tbsp of PB. That equals 2 carb exchanges, 1 fruit exchange, a fat exchange, and a dairy exchange. πŸ™‚


For lunch, I used to bake a sheet of veggies and top them with copious amounts of ranch dressing. That was “safe” to me. Now things are COMPLETELY different.

For lunch today, I baked half a chicken breast, sauteed some broccoli and yellow onion, and placed them on 1/2 C of rice and 1/2 C of black beans – toppers are salsa and 2 tbsp hummus. That equals about 3 protein exchanges, 1 starch for the rice, about 2 veg exchanges, a freebee with the salsa, and a fat for the hummus. It’s a BALANCED meal for sure …

Balance means at the end of the day, your overall food intake was balanced by consuming all the recommended food groups of carbs, proteins, dairy, fruits, veggies, and fats. It does not have to be achieved at every meal.

  • Consuming the food groups throughout the day.
  • Creating balanced meals by incorporating carbs/starches, fats, protein, dairy, fruits and veggies at breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks.

Variety means eating different foods from each food group (not just foods that are deemed “safe”) and ensures that we’re getting micro and macro nutrients and keeping our taste buds happy.

  • Choosing different meal options daily; not eating the same foods at meals or snacks.


My snack today *sort of* followed the “not eating the same foods” idea, but we were low on food, so plain Greek yogurt (2/3 C = 2 proteins), a light dusting of oats, about 2 tsp honey, and about 2 tsp of PB it was!


We went to Walmart and United to pick up some essentials, and Luke requested a stir fry. I sauteed two chicken breasts, added half of a yellow onion, bok choy, baby corn, and mushrooms along with some P.F. Chang Kung Pao sauce. I placed it all on a bed of rice (I had already cooked some brown rice earlier and have copious amounts).

An easy peasy dinner to make, and one with a ton of variety to it too! I’m sure I had two protein exchanges, about three veggie exchanges, and one starch exchange for the rice. As for the sauce, it might be a starch and a fat … I’m not sure, but it’s perfectly OKAY to not be sure sometimes!

Like I said, it’s okay to not always be sure of your exchanges – just EAT INTUITIVELY and SAVOR THE FOOD. No, I don’t do morning snack typically or night snack as I’m usually too satisfied to eat them. I do, however, do afternoon snack. πŸ˜‰

Anyone can adopt an All Foods Fit philosophy. When you live in the All Foods Fit philosophy mindset, you eat in a way that supports your body, your mind, and your taste buds. You eat what YOU want, not what society wants, not what some diet book tells you, not what the eating disorder will allow. All Foods Fit means that meal times happen without judgement – for example, broccoli, ice cream, salmon, meats, or potato chips!

This philosophy is a non-diet approach that asks the person with eating disordered behaviors to challenge distorted food beliefs, gives you unconditional permission to eat in a mindful manner without the attachment of labels, and allows you to trust your body with food.

My distorted ideas HAVE been challenged and changed, and I’m beyond proud of it. If you struggle with eating disordered behaviors, THERE IS HOPE. I struggled for nearly all my life, yet now I’m seeing such a positive difference in myself.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your beliefs, my friends. It can be LIFE CHANGING to do so,

~ Mandy

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