About Me

Hi and welcome to The Mood Eater!

My name is Mandy, and I’m a 33 year old woman living in Amarillo, Texas. I’m an eating disorder survivor (bulimia and anorexia), a former alcoholic, and live with bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, and PTSD – if you’re interested in my mental health story, please go here. This blog is primarily about healthy eating without disordered behaviors, muscle weight gain, fitness, and is a tool I use to keep tabs on my daily mental health.

I have a wonderful (and very patient!) husband named Luke who is my absolute ROCK. Words cannot express how much I adore my man, y’all. I also share my home with three kitty cats named Caprica, Calliope, and Persephone, and we also have a Ball Python named Drogo. You can read more about our little herd here.

A few things that I enjoy: photography (I’m an enthusiastic amateur), writing/blogging, working out (I do both cardio and lift heavy weights!), cooking healthy and tasty meals, cleaning (no lie, it’s SO therapeutic for me), and of course, shopping for cute clothes. I’m a former Anthropologie and Free People addict, but now that I’m into fitness, my allotment goes to cute workout clothes that aren’t quite so expensive as my former favorites.

This blog is meant to be a positive place where I can share daily pictures and write to my heart’s content. 🙂

More to come … About Me pages are so hard for some reason as I’m truly not that interesting!