Intuitive Eating + It’s Damn COLD Out!

Howdy there! How are you doing today? It’s 8 degrees out, yay! (Not really, I despise the cold with a passion … I am the girl who sleeps cuddled up in a nightgown, bathrobe, and fuzzy socks at night – very sexy, I know!)

Eating Disorder Discussion and Intuitive Eating

My eating habits are similar to this particular day in general – as you see, I eat a ton in the mornings, have a goodly lunch and then I snick-snack more throughout the afternoon and evening unless I’m really hungry and need an actual meal. I also try to plan my meals ahead of time – not *too much ahead of time* but I like to start thinking about what I’m having for lunch soon after I’ve had breakfast, and so on. Yes, I probably think about food more than the average person, but that’s okay – it’s a remnant of my old eating disordered behaviors, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing at this point. See, if Luke and I plan on having a bigger meal for dinner (such as fried venison with homemade gravy, a steak, fish with veggies, going out to eat, etc.), I try to eat less during the day. Usually I just follow my instincts and my stomach when it comes to intuitive eating (I’m becoming an intuitive eater and truly believe in it!).

Mood Today

I was much more stable today than I was yesterday, thank goodness. No mania, just a touch of depression in the early afternoon. My moods did pretty well today, so I count that as a win!


I started my day off with an opal apple … no PB or Tajin on it, just a good ol’ apple. I needed something in my stomach soon after I woke up, and that was just the ticket.

And then about an hour later, I made banana pumpkin oatmeal with protein granola and a maple syrup drizzle (no almond butter today b/c we were out of it, poop!). But I must say that I didn’t really *miss* my usual nut butter today. In fact, maple syrup was a nice change for me, so I may forgo nut butters more often in the future on my oatmeal. Oatmeal is a bit of a calorie bomb even without it (especially the way I fix my oatmeal), but I do love me some hot oats on a chilly-ass day.

I had a very productive morning despite the chill in the air – I picked up my meds, went to Whataburger with Luke to get him some breakfast, and we also dropped off our tax info to the accountant. Then we ran to United to grab a few things like chicken breasts and yogurt (I wanted chicken for my lunch).

While I made lunch, Luke and Caprica snuggled. 🙂


I tried a Parmesan-covered chicken breast from United today – I baked it along with Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and carrots and placed them all on a bed of spinach. I drizzled some jalapeno ranch over the veggies and a bit of messy and clumpy BBQ on the chicken. 😉 That Parmesan chicken, y’all – SO GOOD. A very filling and satisfying meal indeed … so filling that I had no interest in a snack this afternoon at all.

After lunch, Luke and I chilled out (Luke took a nap), and then I braved the cold once again to hit up Walmart for some essentials.

Workout + Adjusting to My Body Changing

Today at 4, Luke and I hit up Verdure (our swanky new gym next to the apartment) to do CHEST DAY! We were there about 45 minutes (Luke is working out again with a friend tonight, so he took it a slight bit easier than usual … I, on the other hand, did not take it easy!), and we had a great workout.

I have to admit, I was just in a “so so” mood until we hit the gym – I think I was getting tired or something (I’d been running around all day), but the gym cured what ailed me. That’s why I go, y’all. It’s helping cure my issues, building up my body, mind, and soul.

As you can see in my pics above, my stomach area is getting much thicker from the front where my abs are but not from the side. I’m still *adjusting* to this development, and sometimes it’s not easy to look in the mirror, especially after I’ve eaten a big meal (see: my lunch). That’s just part of it, I suppose, but I need to keep my eyes on the prize and not fret over my fading body dysmorphia. Yes, it still rears it’s ugly head from time to time, and I still cry over my body on rare occasions, but it’s slowly dying away, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

After the gym, I had a cup of coconut pineapple water. Yum! I sure needed that! 😉


I was more “snacky” and thirsty than truly hungry for dinner, so here’s what I had:

Some sticks of celery and a few pretzels with hummus and salsa …

… I also had a most refreshing kombucha which I sipped on for about an hour while watching Expedition Unknown …… and then I had a giant mug of Cinnamon Orange tea from Seattle with a touch of stevia. I just wasn’t very hungry at all – in fact, I had a tummy ache and took a few tums to see if they wouldn’t help. I blame my gigantic, protein-filled lunch (I practically ate the entire chicken breast, y’all). This tasty tea soothed my achy stomach and was such a treat!

I’m going to try something new, as you might have noticed today, and post in the mornings as an effort to reach out to more readers! So this post was technically yesterday’s evening post. I just want to expand my readership if I can … not really sure how except to just write, take pics, and share my experiences … and I’m on BlogLovin’ … any ideas about how to reach out to more readers, y’all?

~ Mandy



Jumpsuits + Mania

Howdy there! How are you doing today? I tried doing sit ups this morning, and man oh man, I was too sore to do them, so it was a rest day for my abs. I did several hundred sit ups yesterday, after all, so they needed to chill out today. I had quite the interesting and crazy day, so let’s begin with breakfast!


I had my usual three egg scramble around 8 this morning along with three slices of turkey bacon and two turkey sausages. Coffee with stevia and cashew milk to drink. This is my go-to breakfast at this point, y’all.

I had a banana with almond butter around 10 too. I get hungrier in the mornings now that I’m working out daily.


I roasted some carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and eggplant with EVOO and S+P, and I ate them on a small bed of spinach with some roasted red pepper sauce and a Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger. A pretty straightforward lunch – veggies + a type of protein (we’re low on protein right now, so I reached for a veggie burger today).

In the early afternoon, I had MAJOR ANXIETY. I’m not sure if I was semi-manic plus had anxiety or not, but it certainly felt that way. I was zippy but too out-of-sorts to do anything productive. Soon enough, I calmed down after a few extra Gapabentin, and I was able to feel more like myself (until later, as you’ll soon see).

Luke was napping, and Calliope made herself very comfortable next to his leg! So stinkin’ cute!


Around 3, I had a mango with Tajin Seasoning and some Orange Cinnamon Tea from Seattle.

I was also needing some carbs, so I had some pretzels and hummus. 🙂 Yummy. Those tasted so DELIGHTFUL. I’m trying to watch my bread-y carb intake, but I needed some pretzels this afternoon.

Mental Health and Eating Disorder Discussion

Soon after my snack, I became MANIC AF, y’all. I CLEANED and CLEANED and CLEANED. Seriously, I got under the couch, table, bed, in the crevices, EVERYWHERE – just imagine cat hair flying around like crazy and me chasing it around with the vacuum.

AHHHH, mania can be FUN. But make no mistake, it’s a hellish type of fun, I assure you … you’re literally OUT OF CONTROL of your mind and are zippy, zippy, zippy … you feel like you can do ANYTHING, no limits … this has gotten me into trouble before though, so I try to keep my activities to deep cleaning and working out. (I also try not to drive while manic, so thankfully the gym is within walking distance of the apartment).

As I was taking out the trash in a most manic fashion (sans shoes and wearing only socks, a crop top, and joggers in 46 degree weather), the mailman came with my coveted package from Free People – I had ordered the Olympus Longline jumpsuit, and it finally came! I ordered an XS, and it fits PERFECTLY! Here’s a pic of me, sans makeup and looking crazy AF, in my new duds. HUZZAH!

I told ya I was getting more muscular around my middle, and it really shows in this pic – I’m coming to terms with it, and I’m realizing how *strong* my body was meant to be, not skinny and frail. I’m getting STRONGER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, and if you struggle with an eating disorder, YOU CAN TOO. I’ve struggled for nearly 18 years, and at 33 years old, I’m taking back my life and my sanity. It’s totally doable … and I’m just here to share my story and encourage others to do the same.

I’m REALLY looking forward to having bigger biceps and triceps, and I’m on my way! I just want to be bigger all around, muscular and looking like I could kick some ass and not be a shrimp. Truth be told, I felt so BEAUTIFUL in these pictures, even though my hair and makeup weren’t done at all. I felt powerful, ready to take on the world (but that’s also part of the mania).

Remember when I used to look like this about half a year ago?

I am no longer that girl, and I *never want to be that girl again.* I am a strong woman who is working on getting her gains and health back! Since that picture, I’d say I’ve put on about 20-23 lbs … I don’t weigh everyday anymore, so I’m not certain of my current weight, but I’d say it’s between around the high 120’s and the low 130’s.


(As a side note, the water in our apartment wasn’t turning on after I was done with the majority of my cleaning, so I ran down to the office … they said a pipe burst and that they were working on it, poop!)

Since the water was out and I couldn’t clean more without it, I decided to put my mania to good use and went to the gym – I did the elliptical for 30 minutes at breakneck speed and felt MUCH better. If you struggle with mania, I *highly* suggest the gym. It’s so therapeutic and gets out the zippy energy. I left the gym feeling amazing.


After my workout, I wasn’t feeling too hungry at all, but I had a tangelo with Tajin.

I was feeling more snacky than hungry around 6:30, so I had some Boar’s Head turkey with cheddar cheese and red pepper dressing. Protein, delicious protein! 😉 Tea to drink.

For dessert around 7:15, I had a Brown Cow raspberry yogurt with fresh raspberries and honey. All I can say is DELICIOUS. I am a huge fan of Brown Cow’s consistency and taste.

And that, my friends, concludes my crazy day. Again, I hope I’m helping others out there with eating disordered behaviors by posting my meals every now and then, and I hope I’m helping people with bipolar disorder and/or panic disorder too. My little blog is a rather fun hobby, but I’m hoping that I’m ultimately helping others by posting on here. 🙂

Until next time,

~ Mandy

Chest Day + Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Howdy there! How are you doing today? I swear I’m not going to post my meals *every single day* but I’m just trying to give people a view of what I’m eating right now. It’s pretty similar on most days, but I’m planning on expanding my repertoire of recipes this week, so stay tuned for reviews!


I started my day off with a banana and white chocolate PB. Coffee to drink, as usual!

I also had two scrambled eggs, three pieces of turkey bacon, and a slice of Ezekiel bread with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and triple berry jam a bit later.

After breakfast, I went to the gym and did the stair master for a while as well as worked on my quads and butt. The stair master SUCKS, y’all. I hate it with a passion. It’s boring but I did bring music. I did it low and slow and did two steps at once to work my butt.


I had a portion of rotisserie chicken for lunch along with roasted broccoli, carrots, and Brussels sprouts topped with Whataburger Creamy Pepper Sauce and a dab of hummus. Easy peasy.

After I ate lunch, my stomach blew up like a damn balloon, and I had to lay down for a minute … I took some anti-gas antacids and they did help, thank goodness.


Around 2:30, I decided to try a kombucha to soothe my tummy a bit.

Eventually I also snacked on an opal apple with Tajin Seasoning.

I also had some carrots and tomatoes with jalapeno ranch dressing … I was snacky today! 🙂


I began to feel utterly defeated in the mood department, so we ended up going to the gym for chest day around 3 and stayed nearly an hour.  My mood was *so much better* after working out! Chest day is *hard* for me, but that’s one reason why I like it – it forces me to push myself and use those muscles that are so damn weak!After our workout, we ran a few errands, and I got me a diet Sprite to soothe my tummy (which was a little upset still).


I had leftover chicken and spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce for dinner along with a piece of Ezekiel bread, some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and roasted asparagus drizzled with jalapeno ranch dressing (the asparagus was my favorite component).

Yes, this is about what I usually eat in a day – I don’t count calories, so I’m not sure how much I’m consuming, but I’m consuming what *feels* right to me physically, a very drastic change in my life from ED activities such as obsessive calorie counting and restricting.

The important thing is that I’m looking and feeling SO MUCH BETTER than I ever have. If you’re fighting an eating disorder and/or mental issues, keep up the good fight! You CAN win the war!

Now I’m off to take a hot bath, watch Travel Channel, search out new recipes, and download some new workout music. 🙂

Hope you had a great day!

~ Mandy

Arm Day + Kitty Shenanigans

Hello there! How are you doing today?

The three kitt lits were very busy this morning with banging and crashing … naturally when I got up, I found them in repose, no cares in the world, acting as if nothing had happened.


I had some hot banana pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast this morning, huzzah! I love me some oatmeal, y’all. My mix was about 1/2 C of Quaker Oats, 1 C of cashew milk, 1 tbsp chia seeds, a banana, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla with pumpkin stirred in at the end. I added some chocolate protein granola and a spoonful of white chocolate PB as toppers. Yum, yum! This hearty and delicious breakfast made me resist the leftover pizza.

I felt great after breakfast, so I did a shit-ton of sit ups. I’m really trying to get my core looking stronger. I had a hysterectomy back in 2011, and along with my bad ED, my abs were completely shot. Now I’m feeling and seeing a difference for sure – my core is getting thicker and more muscular.

I must say that after years and years of being eating disordered, this is a HUGE change for my perspective about my body. My body is meant to be STRONG and thicker, not super skinny. It’s not an *easy* transition to watch as I’m used to seeing skin and bones, and yes, I still have thoughts that say “you’re getting fat” or “you should throw up your meal” … but I’m not giving into them! I’m so proud that I’m pushing past my ED behaviors and am seeing my body in a new, stronger light, slowly but surely.


I wanted some veggies today around noon, as usual, so I roasted broccoli, carrot, and Brussels sprouts with EVOO, S+P, and some garlic powder. I made a nice salad with some spinach and added a palmful of rotisserie turkey to the mix (Calliope tried to eat my turkey and managed to throw some on the floor – damn cat!). I topped my salad with some hummus, salsa, and Whataburger Jalapeno Ranch Dressing (it’s a guilty pleasure). This picture looks so messy and gigantic, but I promise it’s tasty and a good portion for me.


Around 3, I wanted an opal apple with Tajin Seasoning. Yummers.

Right after my snack, Luke wanted to go to the gym and do arms, so we did just that! Luke said my triceps and my butt are already looking better, so yay!

My arms were *so wobbly* after this workout …. like jello.

After our workout, I made a protein shake and split it with Luke – it had Protein One vanilla protein powder, strawberries, blueberries, milk, and ice in it.


Tonight I had half of a small spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce, chicken, and two leftover bread sticks from Pizza Hut. The bread sticks really filled me up (and truth be told, not feeling all that great), so I ate about 1/4 of the spaghetti squash and chicken.

Now I’m watching Travel Channel and chilling with my hubs … hope you had a good day! 🙂

~ Mandy

Saturday Musings – Recovery Isn’t Easy, Medications Make You Stronger, A Workout, and Filet Mignon

Howdy there and Happy Saturday! My day has been fabulous, and I hope yours has too!

I want to talk more about recovery today. Recovery is *hard,* y’all. It’s definitely not linear, but I truly feel that I’ve gotten through the harder parts of it and am coasting into an easier transition with loving my body at a higher weight, eating a healthy variety of foods, and exercising. I found this image online, and it speaks the simple truth: Obviously I relapsed earlier this fall when I hit 110 lbs, so yes, recovery isn’t linear to me at all, and it *still* isn’t. I’m doing my best not to regress or stagnate in any areas, although I admit that I struggle when I step on the scale and see a number that’s higher than I’m used to seeing for so many years. I do wake up and immediately wonder what my weight is today … my routine is to get out of bed, go to the bathroom, put in my contacts, take off my clothes, and then weigh myself. I’d like to change this routine and simply weigh myself a few times a week, not everyday, but right now, it’s what I’ve been doing.

Honestly though, I’m feeling less anxiety over seeing the number on the scale and am slowly just letting it be. If I weigh a few pounds over my “happy weight,” then I’m okay with that, and that’s exactly what happened today – I weighed 2 lbs over my current average weight, and I didn’t let it sabotage the rest of my day. I simply thought “okay, well that’s what my body wants to weigh today, so be it!” and went along with my life. I didn’t punish myself for my weight, I didn’t freak out … I just made myself some oatmeal with pumpkin, banana, and PB and enjoyed breakfast without a thought of restricting or purging, and then I went about my morning without much thought of that silly ol’ number.

This little piece (also found on the Internet) spoke to me today too …

This all is SO TRUE. I am growing stronger because I know my weaknesses and am learning to combat them in a constructive way, I am much wiser from my mistakes in the past (which is just that – the past), and I can laugh because I have known great sadness in my life. My ED was a cause of much of my issues for 18 years (not to mention alcoholism, bipolar disorder, etc.), and now I’m moving past them and can truly enjoy just being the *Mandy* I know I am inside! And she’s a joyful, grateful, humbled person, a person that I’m learning to love. Indeed, you don’t need to be perfect – I’m trying to be inspiring with how I deal with my imperfections, as I’ve struggled for so stinkin’ long and am just now truly learning how to channel my old destructive habits into positive ones:

And I know this image (found on the ‘Net) is hard to read, but it screamed out to me “POST ME ON THE BLOG,” so I’m going to:

If you can’t read it, it says “Taking medication does not, and will not ever, make you weak.” A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I’m on a gigantic medication cocktail due to my bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and PTSD, and medication does not make me weak, In fact, it makes me stronger as it keeps me as STABLE as it possibly can. Some days are better than others in the mood and anxiety department, yes, but I can sit here and type in truth that my meds are lifesavers for me, and I’m very grateful for my psychiatrist and counselor. If it were back in the 1930’s, I’m sure I would have already wound up in a mental institution, and we all know the horror stories about those, so I’m very blessed to have my meds and my doctors.

Alrighty, that’s my “eating disorder and mental health awareness” spiel for the day, but I want to share a few bites and pieces from my Saturday with you all, since it was a very good day. 🙂

Luke and I had an *amazing* and *hard* workout this afternoon – we did chest and arms, and man oh man, did I ever get quite the pump going!

I started laughing when Luke took my pictures today – I’m not sure what was so funny, but something tickled my funny bone, and there you have it!

After our workout, we ran to United (thank goodness we didn’t try Walmart, Luke said it looked PACKED) for some artichokes, and I spotted me something very interesting that I just *had* to try ~ a bin of GINORMOUS Pazazz apples. I’ve never heard of this variety, and Luke told me to buy one just for the novelty … we’ll see how it tastes!

After the store, we relaxed and started dinner … while we were boiling some artichokes, Luke was playing on the Xbox, and Caprica immediately took the opportunity for snuggles with Daddy. So precious! The kitty looks thrilled, but Luke looks pissed because his Destiny team being shitty, and they lost their round, ha!

My Dad gave us two Filet Mignon steaks for Christmas and we decided to cook them up tonight along with some fresh Farmer’s Market corn (and artichokes, of course!). We like our steak rare, so that’s exactly how we cooked them, yum!

My cocktail for the night was kombucha while Luke had Bourbon.

Talk about a DELIGHTFUL meal. Luke said it was one of the best steaks he’s ever cooked, and I have to agree with him – it had the perfect crust on the outside and was juicy, red, and tender on the inside!

I had a piece of toffee as dessert, so huzzah for a GREAT meal! Hubs did most of the cooking on this one, and I truly appreciate it! 🙂

Anyway, here’s to a good night and a great day! I hope posting my thoughts about ED’s and mental illness helps someone somewhere out. You are loved, you are valued, and you are meant to be strong! Keep the faith, my friends! 🙂

~ Mandy



Ultrasounds + Moods + Alcoholics and Kombucha

Howdy there! How are you today?

I got up bright and early for my ultrasound, and the results should be in by Monday, so that’s positive. My weight is down to 119 lbs today for some reason (despite eating candy due to emotional eating out of nervousness for my ultrasound), but I’m not too concerned – I’m sure it’s just a natural fluctuation because I was fasting last night and this morning.

Breakfast – 10:00 a.m.

I bought two ultimate breakfast tacos from Rosa’s Cafe and scarfed them down – I was starving after fasting! They were delicious. I also bought a chocolate mocha coffee from Roasters, our local coffee shop, and it was *divine.*

Lunch – 1:15 p.m.

I wasn’t terribly hungry after my giant breakfast, so I made my favorite veggies, roasted carrots and Brussels sprouts with Toasted Sesame Ginger Sauce, and had a turkey and provolone cheese roll-up.

Workout – 2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

My mood took a negative turn and I started crying around 2:00 … just a bipolar mood from being an empath. Luke and I went to the gym for just 30 minutes before I just couldn’t do it anymore.

At least we *went* and I tried my hardest for 30 minutes. That’s what counts, y’all. TRYING.

What *did* brighten my day and my mood was receiving this adorable shirt in the mail from Free People – it’s the We The Free Good Find Top, and man, it IS truly a good find! I also got two other items, but they are going back because they just didn’t live up to my expectations. This shirt, however, is PERFECTION. It’s comfortable, flow-y, trendy, and fun, perfect for the fall and winter … I LOVE IT! I may even buy another one with my refund money.

Snack – 4:00 p.m.

For my snack today, I had a few carrots (and some un-pictured broccoli) with hummus. Moroccan Mint Green Tea to drink.

Cocktail Hour – 6:00 p.m.

Tonight I had a Trilogy Kombucha …

On Kombucha and Being a Former Alcoholic

I had a conversation with my sister about kombucha, and she was worried because I was drinking it with my past as an alcoholic. I’m going to bring this up with my doctor next time I see him because I do not want to be harming myself in any way, but for the record, kombucha has a 0.5% – 1% naturally occurring alcohol content because of its fermentation. That’s just a little less than a non-alcoholic beer such as O’Doul’s.

I do not drink kombucha to get drunk, obviously, but I do drink it because of the health benefits, especially the healthy gut support, and because of the taste. Drinking even a little bit of alcohol at this point makes me feel very sick (see the time I made bread pudding, accidentally didn’t cook all of the alcohol out of the Kraken I used, and made myself extremely sick from eating it), and that’s the last thing I want to do to myself. But my sister made a good point – I need to ask Dr. Keister next time I see him about it, just to be sure, but I’m honestly not too concerned about my little mocktail of kombucha each night. I’ll wait to see the results of the ultrasound and go from there.

Dinner – 7:00 p.m.

Tonight I made BBQ chicken breast and veggies (cauliflower, carrots, and red bell pepper served with some Toasted Sesame Ginger Sauce). Easy peasy.

Now I’m sipping on my kombucha and watching TLC’s Kindred Spirits. Hope you had a good day. Mine was so-so mood-wise, but that’s okay … some days are better than others.

~ Mandy

Question: Do you have an opinion on alcoholics and kombucha? Yay or nay?


Howdy, howdy! How are you doing today? It’s rainy and cool out, bleh!

I’m up another pound and am currently at 122.6 lbs. Not to shabby, if I do say so myself. Hopefully it’s muscle or food/water weight and not fat … I still have a hangup about gaining fat and not muscle, but that’s a discussion for another time. But no worries – it’s just my mind battling me, and I’m looking so much healthier than I was at 110 lbs, and I’m proud of the steps I’m taking to get fit again.

The bed this morning was overrun with grooming kitties!
Breakfast – 10:00 a.m.

I had pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast, but I switched my mix up a bit – I added hemp seeds and cottage cheese to it (we’re out of bananas, so I had to get creative). Other than that, this was my usual 1/2 C of Quaker Oats, milk, chia seeds, vanilla, salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon with a stir of pumpkin at the end of cooking. Peanut butter to top, coffee to drink! (I didn’t eat my entire portion, just enough to feel full which was about 3/4.)

Lunch – 12:45 p.m.

Lunch was what I usually have for breakfast except amplified. I wilted a large handful of spinach and then added egg whites + 1 regular egg and S+P to the spinach to cook. Shredded cheddar was added at the end. I had my usual three strips of bacon and 1 turkey sausage patty with my eggs.

Workout – 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

We did legs today, nothing too special … it was raining HARD once we were done, so we sprinted to the car!

Snack – 2:45 p.m.

I was craving protein like crazy after the gym, so I nuked some turkey and provolone cheese and scarfed my concoction down with plenty of water.

Persephone was snuggled up next to a pair of Luke’s pants on the couch and looked very pleased with herself.

Snack – 4:00 p.m.

I was feelin’ snacky again around 4, so I had a Siggi’s Mixed Berry Yogurt with raspberries and honey. I kinda snick-snacked my way through the evening instead of having a proper dinner.

Cocktail Hour – 5:00 p.m.

I tried Humm mango passion fruit kombucha this evening, and I really enjoyed the flavor! YUM! 😉

Dinner – 7:00 p.m.

I wasn’t too hungry after my large snacks this afternoon, so I kept dinner simple and just roasted some Brussels sprouts and carrots and tossed them with Toasted Sesame Ginger Sauce. At this point, I was drinking a TON of water in preparation for my midnight to morning fast for my ultrasound, so my stomach was quite full.

Now I’m watching Mysteries at the Museum (yay Halloween edition!) and sipping on water with thoughts of making some green tea. The cats are asleep in a line on the couch, most thrilled with themselves.

Here’s hoping my ultrasound goes well tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

~ Mandy