Seattle for Christmas + Hello 2018

Howdy, howdy, and Happy New Year’s Day! I’m back from Seattle, and I had a fabulous time!

Here are some pics … we had a white Christmas, as you can clearly see!

Now onto my writing for today – HELLO 2018, GOODBYE 2017!

I’ve grown so much in 2017. I’m officially one year without drinking, I’m getting so much better at recognizing and managing my eating disordered behaviors, and I’m a healthier, happier person. Yes, I relapsed this past year for a few months, but I’m back to a healthy weight now, and I’m just taking it one day at a time – that’s all we can really do, after all!

So that’s my motto for this year: take it one day at a time. I plan to continue working out and eating well into 2018, and I’ll see where that takes me! I hope to enjoy cooking a bit more this year and to try new recipes. I love me some veggies, as y’all know, but I need to branch out with proteins.

I’m still battling my brain which often tells me I’m too fat, not thin enough, but I’m learning that I *am fine* just the way I am. I’ll never be a size 0, and that’s perfectly fine, and I’m not meant to weigh 110 lbs, and that’s perfectly fine too! I’m a tall girl who needs to be more muscular and fit, not thinner. Thin is no longer my goal, despite what my brain tells me sometimes. FIT is my goal for 2018, fit and healthy, not thin and skeletal. Fit, healthy, and ultimately HAPPY.

Here’s to a Happy 2018, y’all!

~ Mandy


Deer Hunt 2017

Howdy! We went deer hunting last weekend, and my husband shot two nice bucks. Here are some pics from the trip:

I hope to be back on here posting my meals again – I got out of the habit, and now I’m looking forward to blogging again!

Hope to see you tomorrow or later today,

~ Mandy

Turkey Day + Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! How are you doing today? I hope you’re having a happy Turkey Day! 🙂

Today I’m grateful for many things, but here’s a small list ….

  • My dear husband Luke, who works so hard for us and who is going back to school so we can have a better life. He’s my rock, my love, my twin flame. I’d be lost without this man, I tell you what!
  • My Mom and my sister, Jenny, who support me unconditionally during the rough times and who love me during the good times!
  • Our kitties – Calliope, Persephone, and Caprica – and Drogo the Ball Python … they love me relentlessly and always want cuddles (even the slithery kind!).
  • Our little apartment – it definitely feels like home, and I’m so grateful for that fact as I’ve lived places that don’t feel like home, and it’s miserable.
  • My in-laws … they’re such supportive people who are always there for us.
  • My health. I haven’t treated my body correctly for years, and now I’m happily on my way to being healthier and happier in my eating and with my workouts.
  • My sobriety. It’s so wonderful to be sober, y’all, and I wouldn’t trade the feeling for the world – truth.
  • My doctors and my medications that keep me stable and as happy as possible (it’s a challenge at times, but hey, life is all about challenges).
  • And last but surely not least … I’m thankful for God and His many blessings.

I am one lucky girl and have so much to be thankful for that it’s ridiculous.

Alrighty, onto my eats for the day ~


I had my usual fresh fruit cup with some sugar around 7:45 as a start to breakfast – the pic is a little blurry, so I do apologize! It’s that early morning haze a moi.

And because I was in a fruity mood, I soon had a small Envy apple with organic crunchy PB. Yum-O, this really filled me up! PB and fruit is LIFE. Coffee to drink, naturally. 😉


Around 10:30, I was feeling snacky, so I had some baby carrots with salt with hummus and light Fiesta Ranch. I just ADORE carrots, y’all – so sweet and crunchy, especially with a little salt. Probably my favorite vegetable, with broccoli as a close second.


I ate some steamed carrots, broccoli, and red bell pepper with added S+P and a drizzle of Fiesta ranch at 12, and the veg truly filled me up for a while. Gosh, I just love vegetables, roasted, steamed, raw …


For my snack today around 2:30, I had half of a United-homemade jalapeno cheddar bagel with Boar’s Head ham, Boar’s Head Vermont cheddar, honey mustard, and a few organic greens. This was a rather large snack for me, but I needed something besides fruit and veg in my system. 😉

I also had a Chobani Flip yogurt in Salted Caramel Crunch at 4 …

… and around 5, I was craving something sweet, and that pecan pie was calling my name, so I had a slice with whipped cream. YUM!


More fruit for dinner …

… and then some deer lasagna!

I admit, I’m still exhausted from my panic attack last Saturday and Sunday … I was dog-tired all day today! I’m looking forward to bed for sure … here’s to a Happy and low key Thanksgiving for us! I ate a bit more than usual today, but hey, that’s okay.

Hope you’ve had a good one! 🙂

~  Mandy