Cardio Goals

Howdy there! How are you today?

We went to the ranch this weekend, and man oh man, we had a BLAST! Here are a few pics …

The Ranch

We ate lunch at the Cattle Exchange, and Luke and I were STUFFED from the Rib Eye Rellenos! Holy YUM!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming! I was in a good mood this morning because my Abs2BFitness pants and Free People top shipped!

Workout #1

I got up and decided to do some CARDIO this morning despite the drizzle of rain (FINALLY!) and the chill in the air – I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on the treadmill. Talk about a MOOD BOOST, y’all. This absolutely set me up to have a positive day. 🙂 My plan is to do at least 30 minutes of cardio on most days. I think it’ll do wonders for my mood and body image.


Confession: I simply wasn’t hungry for breakfast – coffee held me over through my workout – so I had brunch at 11 instead! (This picture is so crappy, but I was hungry and ate before checking my camera!) I had a piece of toast with butter and jam, blackberries, two eggs, bacon, and some turkey sausage.


After my brunch, I was still hungry, so I roasted some carrots and ate them with hummus and jalapeno ranch dressing. YUM!

Luke and Caprica chilled out on the couch …

… and soon all three cats migrated to the nice comfy bed!

While Luke took a nap (he had to be up early for school), I braved the cold and rain and hit up Walmart and United for this week’s eats and necessities.


I wanted a snack after I hit up the stores, so I had some cucumber, Boar’s Head ham and American cheese, and some pretzel crisps with honey mustard.

I also had an opal apple with Tajin around 3:15 …

Workout #2

Luke and I went back to Verdure at 3:30 and did leg day … we haven’t done leg day in a while, so we were both very wobbly afterwards!

Here’s a pic of what I wore to workout today – nothing fancy, and I’m afraid that my middle looks FAT AF in this getup, but I still wore it and tried to ignore my lying mind. I’m currently at about 133.8 lbs (I weighed today after lunch, so I had food and liquid in my stomach), and I’m trying to push past thoughts that I need to be skinnier, which I *DO* have … le sigh.

My stomach has filled out for sure – I can barely see my ribs now, and I can see my upper abs … it’s a hard adjustment to see, as I only see myself getting fatter, not fitter or healthier. It’s just part of the struggle, I suppose.

Around 5:15, I had a kombucha …


I had a lovely roast chicken salad for dinner – I baked some Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and red bell pepper in the oven and then topped some herb-y greens with hot chicken breast and drizzled it all with jalapeno ranch and BBQ sauce.

I’m thinking about CUTTING, y’all, to get rid of some tummy fat and to try and show more muscle. I’ll be eating more protein, less carbs and fats, no sugar, etc. so we’ll see how this goes!

Have a great one,

~ Mandy